The Way of the Warrior Trader

The Way of the Warrior Trader

Richard McCall
Jan 1, 1997
In this personal, entertaining and thought provoking book, successful psychologist and trainer Dr. Richard McCall blends personal anecdotes from his many years of training in the traditional ways of Japanese martial arts with success stories of actual Western financial traders he has trained.

In his eye-opening The Way Of The Warrior-Trader, Dr McCall:

- Provides a clear description of the natural evolution of human peak performance and personal motivation by transforming trading efforts into 'art forms' instead of simply ways to make money

- Spells out a concise plan of action that can be applied to any type of risk - especially trading

- Leads you to a clearer understanding of the nature of anger and disappointment in the aftermath of trading losses, and a proven format for quickly learning valuable lessons from these losses and moving on with confidence

This book is an enlightening account of the psyche of history's foremost risk-taker - the Japanese samurai warrior - and the many similarities between the samurai and today's risk-taking, all-or-nothing trader.
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Great book!

Please do not even begin to think that this is just another mushy self-help, positive thinking book. it's actually far from it. This is a reality-based, purpose-driven book that prepares you for the dangers and potential rewards that lie ahead. He eschews the typical shallow and covetous motivational approach, and takes a much deeper and much more effective "way". One that will not sound like every other "Retire rich in 3 years!!" book that you will forget 30 seconds after you finish the book. I really recommend this book!
Get your body and mind set and ready for trading... like a Samurai

I love this book and it was definatly an enjoyable read. Every trader has to have a certain mindset to trade otherwise the emotions take over and controls your trading to a loss. This is what this book is all about ,on how to control those emotions and trade more to a sytem. I does go into some trading techniques that Richard uses himself but, the book is more to do with mind set ( even has a good breathing excersise before you go out to trade).