The Ultimate Trading Guide

The Ultimate Trading Guide

John Hill
Jan 1, 2000
John Wiley & Sons
'The Ultimate Trading Guide' is your chance to get what every trader wants, but few have: the know-how to develop and correctly use a logic-based, reliable, and profitable methodology for successful buying and selling-now. In this complete tutorial, one of today's most respected analysts and his partners provide you with all you need to know to develop an original, computerised system that works for you.

The book includes complete explanations of:

- The principles behind trading systems
- How various systems operate for accounts of all sizes, ranging from amounts of $10,000 to $1,000,000
- The tools and background necessary for developing computerised reading systems that are backtested and will be profitable in the future
- Short-term market timing techniques for any market

Stock, futures and options traders, and individual investors will find that this complete, highly effective tutorial is truly the 'ultimate' in successfully developing and utilising trading systems that really work.
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A worthy read for anyone interested in mechanical trading.

The book contains an introduction to mechanical trading systems. Tips on what to look for and where not to look for a system will be very valuable to the inexperienced. Advice on hardware, software, data and testing are also covered, making it a worthy read for anyone interested in mechanical trading.
An old but great book

This is an old but poorly (as in the layout) written book. Very wordy and at time hard to read. However, if you do have that concentration span to continue reading, there are some great hidden gems in this book... even the editor says there is (as he was told by the Author), but he has yet to find it.