The Trident Trading Strategy

The Trident Trading Strategy

Charles Lindsay
Jan 1, 1991
Windsor Books
Contents of The Trident Trading Strategy

1. The Story of Trident

2. Price Action Theory

3. The Trident Model

4. Trident Market Applications

5. Trident Trade Criteria

6. Trident Market Analysis


Which markets should I trade?

How much capital do I need to trade Trident?

If I miss trade entry, can I still take the trade?

Does it matter if I miss a swing?

Do I really need B2 and B6?

What is a market balance and how does it work?

Can Trident Strategy be used for trade pyramiding?

Will there be additional Trident developments?


Time trials

The next decade

Trading perspective
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Great book poorly written

Vert good book but I had to read it 30 times to finally get it . Chapters 5 , 6 are the principal ones otherwise you relegate it to the ranks of all the 1,2,3 systems out there .

You must absolutely also get clear on the Zero balance swing indicators which by the way all of Larry Williams , Robert Beckman , John Hamon , the legendary Prof. Alan Andrews of Median Lines and Gerald Appell rate VERY highly .
17/12/2012 Addendum : Funnily enough I came across my review not realising it was mine after years of having lost my user name and password and was very impressed by it yet felt somehow strange about it , I was staggered upon recovery of my forgotten password that I was BULLFROG !! . What led me here again was after resding the GOODMAN CODEX about the Goodman Wave and Goodman Swing Count System by Michael Duane ARCHER (October 2009 version) which sold for $299-00 then. The theory is worth reading and very well worth at that however the book is a touch overpriced as all books are . I am essentially a stock trader Day/Week/Month and don't go for Playstation type trading :)))).