The New Options Advantage

The New Options Advantage

David Caplan
Jan 1, 1995
Probus Publishing
Option trading is very similar to playing poker or blackjack. Both the trader and card player must combine a sound strategy with patience and discipline. Above all else, the trader and player must get an 'edge' over his or her opponents.

The New Options Advantage by David Caplan explains precisely how to capture that elusive edge. Caplan shows how to analyze the probabilities of various options positions and to select the position that creates the most favorable risk/reward ratio. Armed with this knowledge, a trader can play the market like a savvy poker player, striking only when he or she has an overwhelming chance of winning.

A practical and easy-to-understand book, the first edition of The New Options Advantage proved popular with both individual and professional options traders alike. Completely updated, the second edition contains a great deal of new material on developing a personalized trading style, money management, and volatility.

The centerpiece of The New Options Advantage are option strategies which, when applied in specific market conditions, provide an 'edge' to a trader.

A savvy, streetwise book, The New Options Advantage is filled with many nuggets of market wisdom. For traders that are seeking practical methods to succeed in the options market, this book is a must read.
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Worth the money

Here is a book I really enjoyed, particularly if you like options on commodities. Covers some very interesting and comprehensive strategies, which seem to be repeated in different forms throughout the book, but I didn't mind that. Also covered were practical aspects of getting fills in options, which at times are not the easiest as well as trade planning, which I enjoyed.

All in all a good book which I don't regret buying.