The Market Maker's Edge

The Market Maker's Edge

Joshua Lukeman
Mar 1, 2003
McGraw-Hill Professional
Even seasoned day traders occasionally find themselves marvelling at the strategic skills and trading successes of today's top market makers. As they set the tone of markets worldwide, these market makers must also remain aware of key economic announcements, developing trends, and breaking news events all while staying one step ahead of traders w ho are, quite frankly, out to beat them at every turn.

In The Market Maker's Edge, Joshua Lukeman reveals exactly how market makers maintain their edge. Drawing on the technical knowledge and experience he's developed through years of battling individual traders. Lukeman explains how market makers work, what they think, and where they consistently find the profit and risk protection opportunities overlooked by other traders.

Combining market-proven technical analyses and knowledge with insights on maintaining psychological and emotional control in the breakneck world of day trading. Lukeman covers important aspects of success for market maker.

Regardless of whether you are a scalper, swing trader, or even a buy-and-hold investor, The Market Maker's Edge is your key to foreseeing, understanding, and profiting from the little-known but effective trading tactics and methods of the competition. It will help you dramatically increase your risk/reward ration, time your trades with the skill and experience of battle-hardened market makers, and gain a one-of-a-kind, valuable perspective for making money in today's fast-moving, unforgiving markets.
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Pre decimal?

Pre decimal? A book talking about market makers that isn't even written in the era of algos and HFT!
Good book

Needs updating - it's pre decimal and the charts look like they were faxed but apart from that this book does cover practically everything you need both technically and also psychologically.