The Delta Phenomenon

The Delta Phenomenon

J. Welles Wilder
Jan 1, 2000
Trend Research
From the start of Part I of the book: 'The Delta Phenomenon is the most basic aspect of an area of study known as technical analysis. Technical analysis is the study of market movement as it relates to a two-dimensional chart defined by an X and Y axis. The primary input is price. Secondary inputs are volume and in the case of futures, open interest. But principally, technical analysis is the study of market movement. Volumes have been written about the different ways and methods that have been discovered (or invented) to use the input of price, relative to time, to predict market movement. Many will argue that market movement is simply not predictable at all. I believe this book will settle that argument once and for all. If there is order in the markets, then markets must be predictable. This order, the Delta Phenomenon, is the basis of all market movement relative to time. It is the basis of all technical analysis. It is the most basic thing about markets. It is the beginning point. All other methods of technical analysis pale when compared to the fact that there is perfect order in all markets. As you will learn, the Delta Phenomenon is perfect. That is, it always follows the defined discipline that rules it. I have solved the Delta Phenomenon for many different markets over hundreds of years of data and I have never seen a failure in this order.'
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