The Definitive Guide to Point and Figure

The Definitive Guide to Point and Figure

A 'One Stop Shop' On P&F

There are lots of books on the subject, but this one really does exactly what it says on the tin. A really good example of a great trading book, well written with excellent charts that are very clearly marked up. A 'must have' in any trader's library.
Top Notch Text Book

If you like a subject to be treated seriously and in depth, then this book succeeds admirably. It covers both theory and the practice of Point and Figure thoroughly.

I think the chapters on advanced use of Point and Figure charts with indicators and on optimisation of charts add a level of detail that sets this book apart from its rivals.
Seminal book

This stands head and shoulders above any other book on the subject: it's quite simply the best book ever written on P&F. A seminal work!
Writer knows his subject

Clearly this writer knows his subject. The title says definitive and that's what it is. In my opinion this is a seminal work on the subject.

The structure is generally good. It starts with an introduction to technical analysis which I guess is too short and too basic and could have been left out. The beef starts with the chapter on the history of Point & Figure charts. The chapter is enlightening and informative. Next is characteristics and construction which explains what makes a PF chart and how it is constructed. I was surprised at how many different methods there are. The next chapter is called understanding PF and details patterns and how they are created. He concentrates on how and why there is a pattern which is good. It is also the first time I have seen the old one point reversal charts and modern 3 point charts reconciled. There is a lucid description of the way to apply trend lines and what they mean. A new technique using 'internal lines' is very useful. The chapters just get better and better. There is a whole chapter on targets that has for the first time explained this part of PF to me better than ever before. There is some ground-breaking detail on risk and reward ratios. I am already using these. He does a full step-by-step analysis of an English FT index as well as the Nasdaq Composite. It doesn't stop there. A chapter on the use of moving averages, John Bollinger's bands and Wilder's parabolic on PF charts is clearly a new area. He covers what he calls market breadth and Bullish Percent in meticulous detail. Every step of the way he describes exactly how everything is calculated.

It is an expensive book but its hardback and its in color. That's something you don't ever see. There are lots example charts. The contents are detailed and the index is very good.

I like the writing style. I highly recommend it
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