Technical Analysis Plain and Simple

Technical Analysis Plain and Simple

Michael Kahn
Jan 1, 1999
FT Prentice Hall
If technical analysis is so simple, why isn't everyone doing it?

The simple answer is that most technical terms used in charting confuse rather than enlighten investors. This book enables everyone to use technical analysis; providing a full understanding of the theories, terms, risks and successful application.

Imagine that you only speak Mandarin and you want to read Shakespeare. Somebody has to translate it into your language. This book will present technical analysis to you in your language and in the order that makes sense to you.

Use the first section to get an overall understanding of what technical analysis is all about. Then taking one chapter at a time, see how it applies to what you are already doing. All the concepts presented in the book can be used to supplement your own original analysis.

Technical analysis looks at actual trades where bulls and bears have put their money where their collective mouths are. There is no revision of data, no ambiguity and no mystical diving of the future. All market and stock selection is based on current, not past, price performance, the predictable behaviour of market participants and the dynamics between markets over time.

Technical Analysis: Plain and Simple will enable you to use technical analysis wisely, by fully understanding the theories, terms, risks and successful application.

Use Technical Analysis: Plain and Simple to learn how to enhance your returns, avoid bad trades and think in term of probabilities.
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TA plain and simple by M Kahn

If you are looking for a general intro to TA then you could do a lot worse than buy this book. It is written in a very engaging conversational style (but not full of irrelevancies or padding). At the same time it is well structured and so can be used as a reference. Not all topics are covered in detail but tells you enough about each to help you decide if you want to buy further reading in that particular area.

I've just looked at Amazon and see it is the 3rd best selling book on TA, out of 710 - 'nuff said.