Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional

Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional

Constance Brown
Jan 1, 1999
As professional tradesr approach the 21st century, accelerating technological change theatens to make conventional technical studies and indicators ineffective. The growing mass of inexperienced technical traders armed with plug-and-play technical software and rapid internet access to the markets has created a global trading desk. To compete in this changing environment professionals need radical new uses and combinations of indicators and formulas to keep their competitive edge.

Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional resets the scales, arming today's professional trader with new unique and never-before-seen formulas and uses of key market indicators. Not a primer for the novice, it assumes the reader's working kowledge and proficiency in technical analysis.

Look to this groundbreaking book for:

- price projection methods derived from oscillators
- a custom Derivative Oscillator formula designed to resolve trading problems in complex market corrections or extreme volatile trading environments
- a custom Composite Index formula that will diverge against RSI when the Relative Strength Index is failing to detect a trend reversal.
- Ste-by-step methods for reverse engineering indicators for price projection
- How to use intersecting trend lines as a timing tool and weighted asymmetrical cycles
- How to calculate Fibonacci retracements and swing projections in rapdily expanding or contracting market environments
- Critical trend lines that are not derived from price highs or lows
- Explanations of why common oscillators do not travel between 0 and 100 and why signals develop in different ranges in bull versus bear markets
- Price triangulation from noncorrelated methods that pinpoint precise market objectives
- Ways to use oscillators, not price data, to develop objective Elliott Wave scenarios

Constance Brown also records for the first time in print the price projection methods of Andrew Cardwell's Positive and Negative Reversals derived from the Relative Strength Index. She goes o to contribute to George Lane's Stochastics and Joe DiNapoli's price projection levels. Leaving no stone unturned, Brown then combines them with her own substantial body of research on Gann Analysis and custom indicators to create an impressive exceedingly accurate new system.

Global professional traders, frustrated by inexplicable indicator failures and capital erosion, must set themselves apart by challengig many beliefs widely accepted as gospel in today's tradig world. The stunningly innovative and accurate Technical Analysis fo the Trading Professionals will make your technical analysis and trading more effective - and help you establish the trading dominance every professional trader needs to excel.
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