What is StrataSearch?

StrataSearch is a development platform for building and back testing your own trading systems. StrataSearch not only allows you to program your own strategies, but also speeds your search for profitable systems by instructing your computer to handle a large amount of the workload. When properly directed, StrataSearch can search for effective trading systems continuously, 24 hours a day, always allowing you to see the best systems it's found up to that point. No other software brings this degree of power and automation to system development.

How Does StrataSearch Work?

StrataSearch provides multiple layers of automation. In the first layer, StrataSearch creates an endless supply of new and unique trading systems by combining a large database of trading rules into complete systems. The trading rules used in each system are user-defined, so you can develop and use your own formulas if you'd like. However, StrataSearch comes pre-seeded with over 2,500 trading rules, allowing you to immediately evaluate things like stock strength, index conditions, market breadth, and sector trends.

The second layer of automation allows you to filter and rank those trading systems, selecting only the very best as a final result. Toward this end, the automated search contains many powerful features, including Monte Carlo Analysis, out-of-sample tests, shifted-parameter analyses, fully customized filtering and ranking, and an evaluation of hundreds of performance statistics. StrataSearch is the only software that allows you to create, filter, and rank a virtually unlimited number of trading systems with this degree of speed and flexibility.
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