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Odd interface, but comprehensive

Don't you find that in the trading game, so many sites are years behind in good design. This one, ADVFN, and many others look like some schoolboy effort from 1998. But it does the job. Personally, I find the free tools from CFD providers and stockbrokers to be more than sufficient, but I do like this one and US-centric of course, but I tend to play US markets anyway, mainly because larger liquidity leads to tighter spreads and smaller margins, and because of and
better tools out there

UrbanGorilla - StockCharts is not bad, but I hate the design, and the charts are not interactive. Good data coverage though.

But value for the money? Why not use a free tool like I give this a 5, becuase there are better tools out there
A fantastic charting software and the best scanning tool I've ever used

I really love this website, It's very reliable and a fantastic value for money. I have had a fantastic returns using the website, I honestly can say that it the BEST out there. However, the sad thing though is going to stop covering the FTSE by the 1st of March. I have been looking for a replacement software out there but none of them come as close. I have contacted them to review their decision and I hope they will do soon!