Financial charts can help you make some extremely profitable investing decisions. They can also lead you astray quite easily. In 1999, I founded to help online investors obtain and use financial information more effectively. Since then we've constantly improved our site and our service. Our Web site gives you access to some of the most powerful tools for technical analysis available anywhere AND we give you common sense advice and examples of how to use them effectively.

You can sample most of our charting services free of charge by clicking on the "Free Charts" tab above. Our interactive charts give you the same analytical power found in software packages costing $500 or more. Newsletter subscribers typically pay $100+ per year for the advice and commentary we provide free of charge. And don't forget the data. (It's criminal how much that stuff costs!) Real-time market info can cost you another $500+ per year. So, just by visiting our Web site, you are already way ahead of the game.

Our business model is one of direct support by our users. Running such a powerful Web site is a full-time job, after all. However at $14.95 per month, our "Basic" membership is still one of the best charting deals available anywhere considering the quality of the charts that can be created. Our "Extra!" premium service allows you to store up to 50,000 charts online for only $24.95 per month: That's unheard of on the Web! In 2003, we introduced our "Extra! Real-Time" service - our high quality charts without the delay - for an additional $9.95 per month.

In October of 2002, we were thrilled when author John Murphy, probably the most recognized name in the field of technical analysis, joined our team. The integration of John's market commentary and technical expertise with our charting tools gives our users access to the best online financial analysis on the Web.

In 2003, we launched our on-line Technical Analysis bookstore with the aim of helping our users learn even more about investing with charts. Each month, we put at least one book on sale for the lowest price anywhere - even if it means selling that book at a loss. Because of that policy, our monthly bookstore specials and bundles are extremely popular.

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