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Absolute joke.

Read this:


You'll laugh! You'll cry! What you won't do (unless you are an absolute moron) is go anyway near this company.

Don't know about spyglass but I do know Mike Baghdady, he is a very astue and experienced trader.
about mike

very bad thinking about Mr. Baghdadi.He is real genius and world renowned trader and teacher. He deserves a respect and appreciation.
The king of kings

We did but we suffered a serious attack using a Weapon of Mass Deletion from the mods.
Am I missing something?

I thought we went to war to sort Baghdaddy out?
Is this where the WMDs went?
Expensive and misleading

This must be one of the most expensive pieces of rubbish ever to be inflicted upon the retail trader. Leave well alone.
Is this a joke?

Mike Baghdady? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Mike Baghdady caught on camera lying...

Unfortunately it does seem as though Mike Baghdady and Training Traders is a bit of a scam and has used some very unethical marketing.

They market Mike Baghdady as many things..one of which is the winner of World Trading Championship Frankfurt 2009 .

You can watch the youtube video (made by Training Traders themselves) here...


At 09:45 into the video you can quite clearly hear Mike Baghdady himself calling it the "World Trading Show".... now...mister Mike Baghdady is telling little porky pies....or atleast his very clever marketing team are, who also happen to be making lots of pennies from not so clever people getting sucked into the dream.

There is nothing wrong with companies charging for trader training. I just hate it when they lie and cheat. Boo.
World Trading Champion?? LOL

World Trading Champion at the World of Trading??? LOL that wasnt even a competition. It was a live trading event at the "World Of trading" in Frankfurt, where 5-6 traders traded live on stage (mostly on SIM) for a few hours. I think Baghdady took 2 trades that made some pips and had the best result of the day but in no way that was a competition.
I rate it a 5 (neutral) because his free seminar was ok but calling himself a champion when there wasnt even a competition (and for posting 2 winners) is ridiculous!

Cured my impotence and bad breath. Highly recommended!