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The Best Currently For Short Spread Bets

Seems about the only place you can get your spread bets shorts on. They cover mostly all with a fairly decent spread and long-term quarterly bets. Decent platform, although lacking an android app. Attentive customer service. I rate these currently over the rest.
Value for Money & Service

Have been trading now for few years and have come to realise that the most important factor of all, to me at least, is Service and Value for Money. I have used several traditional brokers like Charles S, TD Waterhouse, Barclays, HSBC and ComDirect, plus several spread betting companies like IG Index, Finspreads & Cantor. The best Service and Value for money is definetly SpreadEx here and hence my high ratings on those 2 areas below. Another example is have been waiting for several weeks now for Deal 4 Free to respond to my request for CD and they have not even bothered to come back so am thinking of giving up.

Bespoke Spreadbetting Firm

As JK3112 rightly points out, the staff at spreadex are very friendly and willing to assist with any query you may have.

I was actually taken out to a Spurs game with some other clients and a few of the guys who work there. Strange to actually meet them but they were very knowledgeable and game for a laugh too. A cracking day out!

Spreadex are in my opinion the bespoke spreadbetting firm. If you want the personal touch, i.e calling you to let you know when your companies are reporting, then go with them.

They are presently offering 10% interest which is 2.5 times my ISA!!!

Also, if you open an account you get a free bottle of Champagne (mention me and i'll get one too!! LOL)

I would definitely recommend them to anyone. give them a call!

When the markets go crazy, other websites tend to crash or i can't get through. This promted me to open my Spreadex account and i have no problems getting through. They do not have online trading but this does not bother me anymore.

In my experience, they tend to be the most reliable and have friendly, patient staff.