ShareScope offers complete stock market data and analysis to track portfolios and analyse market trends. It comes in three versions:

ShareScope Gold - End of Day

ShareScope Plus - Delayed data for LSE, NASDAQ, and indices.

ShareScope Pro - Live prices for LSE, NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, Forex, FTSE, CAC, DAX, Dow and S&P.
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Sharescope could do with a revamp of their 1990's platform

One of the more complex chart platforms I have ever used , the sheer depth of options I guess could be viewed as a positive but in my case it was more than a little overwhelming. I think even Warren Buffett would think there was too much information !
Charts are quite good on the visual side but the zoom in and out functionality is really quite cumbersome and rather "old school". Additionally you are limited to only 4 indicators per chart window which seems rather an arbitrary number.
In my view Sharescope could do with a revamp of their 1990's platform to bring it more into line with platforms like Esignal which whilst being considerably more expensive offer a better product.
Could be better

This has to be the most difficult share software suite I have ever come across to use, come on, which other company has a facility to access your computer to aid you in setting it up.

The charting side of things is the worst I have come across - the use of the keyboard rather than the mouse to do certain things, the lack of explanation as to why things may dis-appear or are greyed out. The inablility to left or right click and save a chart or the lack of ease or explanaion as how to save a template. The inability to left or right click and copy a chart, repeatedly. It's all about time and motion and ease of use. For me it just goes round the houses to get to a point you could be at much quicker. Beyond this I dare say that it's a reasonably good package but they appear to be set in their ways and are of the opinion that their charting cannot be improved or if it was it would be at the detriment of the rest of the software. I disagree, they are not mutually exclusive. They may have won awards, a) they dont' have much competition and b) I would say they have won them in spite of their poor charting not because of it.

The most annoying aspect of SS ( real time) for me is losing saved templates or them changing despite using every lock down facility there is.

You save a template chart setting in a certain time frame, they suggest you name it but then if you use the time buttons on the toolbar to change the time frame, the setting changes. Now what is the use of saving a template if it remains permanently changed?

I couild go on and on.
Great EOD Data Provider

I use the Sharescope Gold software for end of day data. It offers data on Shares, Indices, Investment Trusts, Gilts, Commodities, ETF's, Forex and just about anything you can imagine. It literally has tens of thousands of charts. Not only is it charting software but you can also get in depth information about individual companies including all sorts of ratios along with standard balance sheet information.

As for the charting, you can customise your chart to look any way you want. In fact, I don't think I've ever used software with more options! There are all of the well known technical indicators, Point and Figure, Renko, Kagi charts and all sorts of exotic features!

It is possible to keep portfolios of your holdings but I find this feature pretty pointless as you may as well just check your real portfolio with your broker!

One of the best features is the 'Data Mining' feature where you can instantly search through thousands of shares to find ones that match certain adjustable filters. You can have as many or as few filters you like and if there isn't one there that you like you can contact support via the Sharescope Forum and I am sure they will happily help.

This really is great Software for anyone looking for quality end of day data and for 16 p/m I am happy that it pays for itself through my investments. They also offer intraday packages too that are available for free trials.

Highly Recommended.
end of day

the end of day program is perfect

For a rounded suite of financial stock software, it has no compitition in the UK. This coupled with brilliant support makes it the best.

Was disappointed with the TA features as they are fairly important to me, only had a trial of it but found the UI a little too clunky (I used to develop UIs so maybe I'm just picky)
Sharescope EOD

Very good value for money end-of-day package. Difficult to beat, with few problems. Others have given a lot of good reviews, which I agree with, so I will give my one gripe - which is quality of data. They really need to sort out the historic data on shares pre-mid 2000. We need HLCOV for these shares please!

Otherwise a pretty good package, easy to use, very good support (unlike, e.g. Omnitrader), frequent upgrades, data mining, very intuitive and fairly responsive to requests.
Sharescope EOD

Very reliable and relatively quick to get into. I used Sharescope for around 4 months, but have since stopped using it as P&F is very important to me and also the TA in it is not particularly advanced. I would recommend it however to any user who is looking for a good, solid, but essentially basic all-round product. It is certainly unbeatable at the price, but not everyone wants "Economy" bread from the supermarket.
Sharescope EOD

I have generally been very pleased with Sharescope End-Of-Day since I started using it a year ago. It is a vast improvement on Synergy's Portfolio Evolution which I was using previously for a similar price. The charting side is top notch. A lot of fundamental data is supplied (sourced from HemScott). I recently asked them if gearing and some further price ratios could be added. They told me gearing and other new fundamental data will be added in the next release (early 2004).

Although the Data Mining is powerful, once you know how to use it, it's range of technical indicators is too limited. Sharescope is regularly updated at no extra cost. Hopefully Data Mining will eventually get an upgrade.
Sharescope EOD

Having spent years, and a fortune on software and lots of frustration with UPDATA ,tried AIQ METASTOCK and others at great cost, finally went for SHARESCOPE EOD.
I have never regretted that decision would have saved me a fortune,does exactly as it says on the tin and I have never had a problem, good support and must be the best value on the market.
East to use technical AND great fundamental analysis.
Am I on commission?

So save some money and try this first
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