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Saxo Capital Markets
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Saxo Bank vs Saxo Capital

For larger investors, Saxo Bank is a better option because of regulation and safety of funds.
This review is quite detailed about Saxo:
re previous reviewer

they dont even have live charts???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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Not for scalpers but a true ECN!

I have been using the saxo platform for 8 months now. I am not a scalper.
I concetrate on CFDs and my trades last for weeks.
Saxo Capital Markets is a true ECN broker. For example, I had given the order to sell a stock
at 2.15 dollars but the sale actually happened at 2.17 because Saxo was able to sell at this higher
price due to a sudden spike in the price of the stock. A similar thing occured when I shorted
Phone service is above average. Maybe even excellent since I have no experience
with other online Brokers.
However their platform lags 15 minutes behind real time prices, as they also point out.
So, if you are not a scalper Saxo might be a descent choice.
Good platform, slightly wide spreads

You can get much tighter spreads elsewhere, but their FX Options platform is broadly good. Their customer service was helpful while opening the account, though haven't liaised since. Seems like they have a wide array of other products too. Woudl recommend them.
not to be trusted

the platform is good, but the service very poor, they dont return emails and have rather suspicious and abnormally large slippage factor in forex

they advertise they provide special assistance but only if you open an account with 50,000 (this they dont say)

very unprofessional