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Reality Trader

RealityTrader, lead by seasoned trader Vadym Graifer, is dedicated to not only putting an end to misinformation about active trading, but to provide traders with a solid understanding on how the market functions and how to implement time-proven techniques in a step-by-step and consistent manner.

Realitytrader provides a community where traders can refine their trading skills with helpful hints and tips from those that trade the market everyday in a safe, affordable and non-threatenning environment.

The trading business is evolving. First generation on-line educational teachings are having trouble evolving with it. Most have either become extinct or are in this process.

The time for second generation educational sites is upon us. You need to be around those that change with the market or run the risk of losing the valuable resource of time, not to mention monies contributed. RealityTrader is dedicated and committed to teach you everything about this evolving market. Evolve with us, not after us.

Vadym is the author of Techniques of Tape Reading (McGraw Hill 2003), How to Scalp Any Market (2005) and Master Profit Plan (2005). Vadym is a frequent featured speaker at International Trader's Expos and Financial Forum Conferences.

He is the founder of, a hands-on training company, working with a global community of individuals to achieve high levels of trading success.

Vad is a professional trader and an international private trading mentor responsible for turning around the trading careers of thousands of trader. He has also published articles and interviews in industry magazines, corporate product newsletters and trading forums.
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