Parity Plus is a Stock Charting and Technical Analysis programs.

Parity includes over 50 indicators for the technical analysis of stocks and commodities. The majority of these indicators act as functions that return an array, which can be used as the input to another indicator or within a user defined formula, allowing for "studies on studies" or to develop proprietary charting tools.. Besides these 50 predefined indicators, there is the unlimitted possibility to create additional indicators.
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Parity Plus

Thier customer service is non existant. Hoping to purchase I sent them email seeking clarification on some of it's features. They never replied. It may be the best software in the universe but if there is no service then spend your money with care
Parity Plus by USEC International

I have been using Parity since 1995. I started with the first version.

It is one of the best software I have bought for my money. I bought the latest version 2.1 for a year ago. I think that the scanning and filtering features are just great. Since the software doesn't seem to have a lot of overhead graphic, it is fast. The 3 dimentional algoritms makes it possible to scan all your stocks with one set of indicators or scan one security with several sets of indicators.

I agree with the previous review in all but one: I talked to Customer Service at USEC International and they said that the Shareware version should not be available in the market since 1997 and version 1.5 (among other changes)is not Y2K compatible.
Review of Parity 1.5

This software review is for Parity 2.1 whereas I have been using Parity 1.5 for years. The 1.5 version is superb value for miney insofar as it is free. It has a large spectrum of indicators which you can adjust the parameters such as ExponentialMovingAverage time period to suit your style of trading. A wealth of mathematical functions are provided for you to make up your own indicator. The display is crisp clear and overlays can be made.

As this is only 1.5 it does not include scanning mechanisms nor relative to a secondary index or stock but as I said it's free.....I belive Parity2.1 does contain these functions but then it's $179. It's your choice!......