George Fontanills and Tom Gentile - Optionetics Trading Essentials Seminar 2009

This is the newest seminar with the founder of Optionetics. It discusses the latest crash and teaches you strategies for trading every kind of markets.

I've watched and listened to a lot of options trading education, including Options University, Investools and others, and I find Optionetics to be the best one of all. Too bad their best instructors are no longer with the company after the merger, but still real good information here.

1.Section 1: Options Basics, Trading Calls on Your Favorite Stocks for Profit
(1hr 18min)
2.Section 2: Trading Puts in a Bearish Market and Married Put Options
(1hr 29min)
3.Section 3: Collars
(1hr 43min)
4.Section 4: Four Trading Systems to Beat the Markets with Options
(1hr 2min)
5.Section 5: Trading Delta Neutral Straddles
(1hr 25min)
6.Section 6: Debit Spreads and Bearish Spreads
7.Section 7: Delta Neutral Horizontal Spreading
(1hr 20min)
8.Section 8: Mapping Your Success as a Trader


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