ATC Analytics, LLC based in Dallas Texas offers a complete suite of award winning stock market charting, scanning, news and fundamental software tools for traders and investors. It is an all inclusive financial software package.

Development of the NexTrend software began in 1993. It was the first financial market information software designed specifically to deliver stock market data and professional analysis over the Internet.

The NexTrend software has helped thousands of traders and investors all over the world turn their knowledge into a competitive advantage.

NexTrend met its original goal which was to provide the most comprehensive stock market analytical, scanning and trading tools available anywhere. Now ATC Analytics continues the vision by providing the best financial market analysis software at an affordable price.

NexTrend is a client server application so you download the software. It is much faster, easier to navigate and offers many more features than any browser based system.

We provide training and support with online training videos, training Webinars, extensive integrated content sensitive help and client support by e mail and telephone.

If you are new to our web site and haven't tried the NexTrend software yet then please download NexTrend and let us prove our claim of providing the best financial software tools available anywhere for you’re trading and investing.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the ATC Analytics Web site. Have fun trading.
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