NeoTicker® is a real-time technical analysis platform focuses on advanced technologies, robustness and scalability.

NeoTicker® is preferred by demanding traders all over the world. Our users understand that in today's market, NeoTicker® provides competitive advantages with innovative solutions and cutting edge technologies.
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Worst software I have run

This platform has the potential to be a good platform, it has loads of inbuilt flexiability with loads of high level programming capability. The charts are well defined clear and accurate.

So what lets it down, reliability. Whilst running this program I never knew from one day to the next if I would be able to get a chart on the screen or if the day would be written off whilst I dealt with yet another technical issue via a website. If I did get a chart it was probably going to be full of data holes.

For those trading 24 hr markets this program cannot hack it as it cannot handle the required open/close of these markets.

Awesome platform

This platforom blows away everything else. Robustness, versatility, power. If you have an idea, you can implement it with this. A bit of a learning curve to get up to speed, but well worth it.

Great value for money , and you can use it with any data feed including many broker feeds.

For the money, it is proabbaly cheaper that MetastockPro if you want realtime and it makes Metastock look like a tricycle with training wheels.

Great for accurate backtesting, real time simulation including realistic fill feedback. If you want to practice daytrading after hours, there is a true tick replay simulator that moves your entire environment (all charts,instruments , quote windows etc) through the trading day at a speed you can choose. Mix timeframes on the same chart....

A truly awesome platform. Much of the analysis that Brett Steenbarger comes up with is done using this tool too.
Excellent charting & strategy development platform

Excellent all round performance, for both beginner thru to advanced strategy developer. NT includes essential features that are missing from TradeStation such as sub minute granularity of ticks, ability to track bid/ask price when assessing entry prices and/or fills in backtesting, ability to chart several different timeframes in one chart including mixed tick/time based bars and bar variations such as range bars.

Also includes ability to code strategies in a variety of languages.

Superior platform all round.

I have used just about every charting package known to man. Metastock, Fibonacci trader, Tradestation, Ensign etc. I've always been looking for a product that makes it EASY to have multimple timeframes shown on one chart. (eg 15minutes and daily). It's also really cheap when compared to some other products.

Neoticker does this and is also amazingly comprehensive in the indicators you can have. It also lets you create your own in a few languages (if you need to).

It has some quirks but overall I rate it as the best I have seen. There's a trial end of day version you can get from so have a download if you feel like it.
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