MotiveWave is a professional suite of tools that makes trading and market analysis simple. By integrating with your existing broker, MotiveWave lets you have the best of both worlds. You can choose the broker that best meets your needs in terms of reliability, trade execution and commission rates while using best of breed trading and analysis tools.

The following sections outline some of the major features of MotiveWave. For a complete list of features and documentation see the Features section of our website.

Charting and Analysis - MotiveWave's component based architecture enables many different forms of analysis. With numerous studies and charting tools, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Trading and Order Management - With integrated trading, MotiveWave makes it easy to place and adjust orders. Manage all of your orders directly from the console.

Workspaces - Organize and separate your broker accounts into workspaces. Each workspace is stored in a separate local database. This includes all settings, market data and analysis files.

Themes - Themes allow you to personalize the look of your charts. Choose a combination of window and chart themes that suits your style.

- MotiveWave has support for numerous brokers and data services. We are currently working to partner with other services, so if your preferred broker is not currently on the list contact us to let us know.
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Doesn't adhere to any Elliott Wave rules.

Of no help to a trader whatsoever as it ignores the rules of the theory. Ignores most guidelines too. Absolute rubbish.
Motivewave is worth a look.

I recently trialed this software. I'd call it a sophisticated charting and analysis program with some solid discretionary trading capabilities and some automation and backtesting facilities.
1. The charts are beautiful with the best annotation and commentary facilities I've ever seen including a built in facility
to keep track of alternate analyses.
2. There are over 250 studies built in and wonder of wonders, they are correct and don't have to be tweaked. These are
not the usual junk code studies that you have to get off the web, sift through and tweak. They also have a lot of configurable settings.
3. You can write your own studies but you need to use the Java SDK.
4. The program supports a large number of instrument types including options which can be traded off the chart of the underlying instrument.
5. There are several versions of the software a various price points with add-on modules to custom configure a version
that suits your needs.
6. Support for a wide variety of data providers and brokers is included in all versions.
7. Automated capabilites are provided by a number of "strategies" - these appear to be studies that can generate buy and sell signals. You can build your own in Java.
8. This is a small dynamic company, support is responsive and the product is getting better and more complete at a phenomenal rate.
This is the best platform I've ever seen for Elliott, Gann and Fibonacci analysis and discretionary swing trading of a variety of instruments. I'm not a Gartley user but the tools also look very good.
I'ts my opinion that this is not a scalping platform, probably not for high volume day traders and may not be optimum for automated trading systems. It is so good, however, that it may be worth a look for many discretionary traders and technical analysts especially chartists and it's evolving very quickly.
Best Elliott Wave software around.

As a trading/charting platform it's one of the better ones I've tried, Up to standards with eSignal but more affordable.
When it comes to EW plotting it's just AWSOME! Customer support is also really really good, these guys had a temporary revision done within 2 hours after I submitted a bug.
If I have to give a con then it would be the Auto EW function, I don't use it, I don't know why it's there, does anyone trade using it? Then again it doesn't bother me that the function is there...
Elliott Wave Support Looks Promising but Lacks Support for MB Trading

Sadly I am unable to even demo this software as it does not support one of the top FX brokers, who also is consistently voted at the top of Barrons' best brokers for Stocks, Options, Futures and FX and is incapable of accessing their data feed despite the fact that a whole slew of other software vendors, like NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, NeoTicker, Able Sys etc etc do.

Their support has said that they tried, but had problems integratuing with MB Trading. When so many other software vendors can do something that MotiveWave seems unable to do, it calls into question the competency of the programmers and the entire package itself.
Must be a work a progress, unworthy of investment at this time.

UPDATE EDIT: More than half the reason for posting this bad review was to prod MotiveWave into supporting MB Trading. On Feb. 9th 2012 I see that they have infact added support for this broker so the above comments are out of date. I do not have any experience with Mitive wave yet, so am raising my score to 5 to make it neutral. I will demo the software in the future and edit this review agian.
A lot of mistakes

Developers should test their soft better. I'm very disappointed
MotiveWave is the new standard for Elliott Wave

Could not agree more with the above comments - MotiveWave is game changer for EW and Fib practioners.
Honest reliable and customer oriented company

I have to say that I have never seen charts as clean as these, period! The platform is easy to use and has just about every tool one could ask for. You can trade directly on the charts, use a DOM, lots of broker support, EW analysis, Gann, Gartley all automated. The list goes on and on, Great job guys, I know we will see Motive Wave in the main stream!

Oh, and did I mention the low cost, get this one while you can as I would imagine price will not stay here long.

Amazing Elliott Wave and Fibonacci software

Best looking charts I've seen. The elliott wave tools are a game-changer. Very user-friendly -- lots of custom preferences to set up how things look, you can set your own hotkeys and set what you want the 1-click to do for placing trades. Very customizable.

They've got fully automated elliott wave patterns or partially automated elliott wave so that you can place your own points but it labels them for you. It will also auto-decompose, but lets you move the points around if you disagree. Really handy.

If you're into elliott wave and fibonacci, you've got to try this. Even if you're not, it's a really solid trading platform.
Top notch trading platform -- best Elliott Wave software I've seen

I'm a big elliott wave trader and my biggest problem is finding elliott wave tools that actually work and don't take forever to use.

MotiveWave has by far the most advanced elliott wave tools I've seen. What used to take me half an hour now takes me 2 minutes.

Aside from Elliott Wave, they've got really good looking charts. I'm still working through all of their features -- they seem to add more every week! Love the trade from charts functionality.

Their support is really fast to respond too.

Overall, I'm really impressed.