Morningstar acquired Tenfore Systems in December 2008. Our real-time data feeds and software provide clients with reliable global market data for all major equity exchanges and indices, as well as foreign exchange and treasury markets worldwide. Coverage also includes futures, options, commodities, and precious metals. We offer real-time data that can be customised with the markets, formats, and time intervals that our customers need. We’re also a great source for fundamental and historical price data and independent analyst research—all with the service and quality that Morningstar is known for.
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Decent speed and reliability by satellite, but terrible (ancient) software

All the disadvantages mentioned by others are still there - so they don't believe in developing their software very much. This is a shame, because the basic data feed is quite efficient and quick.

However, they have barely heard of Windows 7 and 64 bit compatibility is probably something they'll think about in 2020 (maybe 2025 to be realistic). So it crashes a few times every week on a Win 7 x64 system, which makes it pretty useless overall in practice.

The interface remains unintuitive and clunky. Knowing Morningstar, I think an upgrade may be due by 2035 if we're lucky.
Nice as a datafeed for other applications

1. Excellent datafeed
2. Capability of exporting data
3. Nice FOREX data
4. Graphical instruments like P&F, Market Profile, etc.

1. Very old software, seems like it's been written for Windows 3.1 and hadn't been upgraded since that.
2. VERY unfriendly and not intuitive user interface. Setting up a chart, for instance, is a pain in the arse.
3. Data export only via DDE, a very dull and obsolete technology.

Having used Tenfore as a provider for some years I found that they became less and less interested in individual clients. Attitude seemed to be on the basis of you're already a customer so don't bother us.

Guess they are only interested in trying to build corporate business.

Feed and pricing seemed reasonable but attitude poor.
Usable feed but unhelpful company

Quote speed is available via internet and satellite.

The internet version soon turned out to be unusable with problems of sudden shutdowns whenever the internet connection was absent for a short period. It also had problems with missing data and most alarmingly, quotes turning up in the wrong order.

In contrast, the satellite version was reliable and did not suffer from the problems of the internet feed. Satellite delay was about half a second behind quotes from IB TWS for LIFFE futures. Data quality was generally fairly good, but I found that not all quotes were transmitted for NASDAQ stocks. The software was usable on its own as a quote screen and for basic charting. However, the Quotespeed charts did not have the sharpness and precision of Tradestation.

Customer support was poor and the helpdesk often quite unhelpful. At one point, one of the sales people even told me they were not that interested in private investors as there was no money in them.

In terms of value for money, it is a usable feed but you can get better service and better value elsewhere.
Tenfore Quoteslow to react

Whilst seeking a decent source of real time pricing ,news and charting to cover the UK equity and derivative markets, I decided to embark upon a series of trials from the various vendors in order help me decide which system to buy. I trialled several including Proquote, KTS, Telerate , e-signal and Tenfore Quoteslow (sorry, Quotespeed). All vendors had a trial up and running from between 2 hours and 2 days from my initial inquiry. Except Tenfore Quoteslow.

A week after my first request, no trial had been set up, no telephone contact from any sales / support staff. I gave up.

So in reality, even though I have marked Tenfore with the lowest scores for quality of data etc, I don't know,.What I do know is the quality of service was the worst I came across, so much so that they were unable to get their act together to provide a trial to a potential customer.

Of the vendors I did trial, one was particularly outstanding in terms of quality of product / service / support and price. To find out who, I will post once I finally purchase it!