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Streaming live prices

Great for live watchlists stocks are shown as traded in an easy to read form with graphs etc.

Two BBs - the "investor's" board is free. Some good postings, but a worrying number of pump & dump sharks, and some frighteningly naive posters - the latter presumably pulled in from the connection / co-promotion by Shares magazine, which finances the site. Traffic has picked up, but still a small fraction of Advfn Free BB

The "traders" BB has some higher quality postings, but very sparse and very cliquey - reflection the formation of the site when a schism within Advfn led to part of the management, and part of the userbase decamping to MoneyAM. A lot of the cliquer elements ended up at MoneyAM

the boards are similar to many UBB/phpBB style boards, but feel pretty primitive in comparison to many (eg here). In feel, very similar to Advfn of about 18 months ago

Tools are OKish, but much inferior to Advfn's IMHO - they've driven prices down by competition, but really aren't competing in quality