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Bullies and Irresponsibles

I have worked with them for over 6 years and I have some serious troublesome experiences.

Their trade desk person is nothing but an agressive bully. They never aadmit any wrong doings and always attack you, so that to make you feel you are wrong.

They disabled my login a couple of times, due to a bug in Multicharts that sent an order through their API multiple times in a second. I'm not going to get into the technicalities as of the matter but, I had some opened positions in the account. They called me to give me hell and to tell me they disabled my account. What they failed to tell me is that I had open positions or to ask me what I wanted to do with them.

When I called to complain about not receiving a warning, they blatantly said that they didn't have to.

You have been warned...
Definitely positive experience with Mirus

I've used Mirus Futures since 2005, among 2 other brokers, and my experience with Mirus has been very good, if not the best, all these years. Their customer service has been real responsive and helpful, wire transfers always promptly taken care of and I don't really have any complaints about their execution speed (Zenfire) or commission fees. I've seen a few comments here about connection problems or lagging price feed with Zenfire, which I must comment I haven't really experienced them myself. I trade CL (Crude Oil) and I've only had 2 lost feed/connection over the last 12 months, both very short lived, no big deals really. If you are an active, serious trader I definitely recommend Mirus Futures.
another slap in the face by mirus

I was just talking to my friend and we are both pissed!!! We just read that mirus is offering this month a $500 credit to anyone that transfers in to them before the end of the month. What the F**** What about us? We are the customer that have been with you and obviously over paying by 25 cents. You should comp us!!!

I am reading all of the internet that Zenfire is dropping connections, prices lagging behind the market and just a re-brand of Rithmic.

You hit us with $25 inactivity fee and now showing us that we have been overpaying for our trades. you better have a good reason when i call on monday not to comp me or i am out of there!!!!
Response from Mirus

I saw your comments about Mirus Futures and wanted to let you know that Hard8 does not own any part of Mirus Futures. Hard8 is a Chicago based proprietary trading group that has no interaction with Mirus Futures in any way. Two individuals in Hard8 are also co-owners in a small Chicago based private equity firm. That firm made an investment in a firm formerly known as 7ticks, which was owned by the same parent company as Mirus Futures. Because of this indirect relationship to Mirus Futures, NFA regulation requires that they be listed as owner only participants in the company. These individuals have no involvement with the day to day operations of Mirus Futures, and more importantly, Mirus Futures has absolutely no relationship with Hard8 or any other proprietary trading firm.

Unfortunately, this rumor was started by a competitor to try and tarnish our reputation. There are many reasons that Mirus is highly regarded in the futures industry and has earned the Silver Award for Best Futures Broker from Trade2Win members 2 years in a row. The forums can be a great place to share ideas and thoughts about trading and industry vendors. However, there are many companies that use the anonymity to spread false information. If you have additional questions, I would suggest contacting Mirus directly.
Were ok don't trust them now

Yep Hard8 futures bought out mirus, and Mirus hasnt told anyone.
The principals of Hard8 are very wealthy young guys who have made a lot of money suddenly from something, but from what? Who knows.
Now mirus starts charging a $25 fee per month just to have an account?
And gave people 9 days notice of it?
I mean I can understand a fee for charts like T4 has, but T4 also has a web trader which is free to watch the price of the markets.
Mirus provides no charts only a price feed which all brokers provide quotes or ticker feed.
And NinjaTrader provides the free limited front end to use it.
So I have stopped using Mirus due to Hard8 possibly having access to clients trade data and trading against them, and because of a fee simply to log into your account to see the price of a contract.
But the thing is they are an IB of Dorman and RCG so they do not have our money so I doubt it could go MF global kind of thing.
Prop shop owns Mirus/Zen-Fire, stay away

It was recently uncovered through Basic NFA search that Hard8 prop shop owns at least 20% or more of Mirus and Zen-Fire. In light of the MF Global situation we should be aware of this fact. What was even more unsettling is that Mirus and Zen-Fire failed to mention this on their websites. Stay away from Mirus/Zen-Fire or should I say stay away from Hard8.
First Rate!

Been using them about 3 months.
Low commissions. Good, fast executions. Courteous prompt customer service. Emails and phone calls during business hours answered almost instantly. Solid platform & data feed. Don't know about tech support, since I've never had to use it (which is good!)

I'm quite happy with them.

Reviews by others have noted that some prop trading firm owns an interest in mirus. This might be concerning to Mirus Futures clients if Mirus actually did its own clearing! As it stands, you can clear through Dorman or Rosenthal Collins Group. I clear through the latter (established 1928 with >$1billion client assets), and my bank wire goes to a segregated RCG account. Mirus has no access to the money. The problem with MF Global and some other futures firms (e.g., Amp Futures) is that they cleared their own trades & therefore could have access to the money.
Mirus Futures A+

Best Broker I've ever had. From Customer Service to Trade Desk to Tech Support I would give them A+.