Marketwise Trading & Consulting

Marketwise Trading & Consulting

Marketwise Trading & Consulting’s courses have been created to teach private traders and investors the knowledge, skills and techniques that are used by real professionals.

The courses have been designed by Director Gary Norden who, in a 20 year career, has managed trading books for some of the World’s largest Investment Banks and has built an international reputation as a trader and educator.

Our education is based on Gary’s strong belief that trading and investing is a tough business requiring knowledge of markets, risk, and decision making.

We therefore want to distance ourselves from the many firms who offer ‘Get rich quick’ or ‘Secrets of trading’ type courses. We believe that such courses offer little chance of a sustainable career and misrepresent this business.

Our courses are designed for traders and investors who would like to build a sustainable, career based on excellent knowledge of the markets and robust trading and decision making techniques.
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