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Market Technologies

VantagePoint is quick and easy to use.

With VantagePoint, you simply select the market and contract month you want to track and VantagePoint automatically collects and analyzes the data from that market and 25 related markets. In less than two minutes you'll have a precise forecast of the trend direction for the next 1-3 days, a projection of the next day's highs and lows, and an indication of whether the market is expected to make a top or bottom over the next few days.

Whether you're a "numbers" or a "visual" person - VantagePoint has the format for you.

If you like to work with the actual numbers, VantagePoint's Daily Report will display all of the information you need to make your trading decisions. If you prefer pictures to numbers, then you would choose to display VantagePoint's indicators in chart form. Either method provides the same timely, accurate information. Even though the internal workings of the software are highly sophisticated, the information is as simple as point and click. Let VantagePoint's neural networks "crunch" the numbers, identify the relationships, and give you what you really need - a highly accurate forecast of the market's direction.
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I had vantage point and to be honest its not worth it unless you get into a really nice trend, its wrong as often as its right. Its predictive ability you could use a trend line and you would be as accurate. Its basically a trend system, if you are in a trend even a monkey could trade. No trend and this system will cost you dearly, if you trade trending markets even a MA cross will give you a profit.

I bought the VantagePoint (now tradertec) to the extent of $5,000 several years ago.

I was terribly unhappy with this company from the getgo.

When I bought the software, they told me that I would get free upgrades to the software. Today, I got a call from someone at VantagePoint again, and I asked him to confirm that the upgrades were free. He told me that there was a cost to the upgrades, and only replacement was free. I asked this question of this young lad because of my prior experience below.

Louis Mendelsohn supposedly is the 'genius' who created this software. I bought the software and dealt with Mendelsohn's son, Ian, who got very impatient with me after my asking only a few questions over a few days. Isn't that great? You spend over $5,000. They spend an hour or two selling you the software, and then blow you off after spending 5-10 minutes talking to you after you buy the software.

What does this tell you? I hardly expected to be treated this way. I would also ask, what kind of successful company changes it's name? Any good posts on this link are probably the Mendelsohns or friends of Mendesohns.

I would only direct people I despise in their direction.
complete and utter scam

Bought it and tested it for over a year, it is just moving averages, the neural index can be recreated in excel using OHLC only and no intermarket analysis. Dont waste your time and money.
poor value for money

No refunds available and by the time you've realised the potential of the program it's past the 15 day return policy they offer you for the price of $500. So, it costs either way. No free trials either, so make up your own mind as to why they wouldn't allow someone to trial a successful program. Good sales people who know every thing you tell them and wont stop until they have a sell. Very sly agressive selling that you dont realise due to the overwhelmingly friendlinesss of the sales staff.

There are far cheaper programs out there that do extremely similar and a different way to predict the market.

Good for graphs,trendlines and moving averages and helps to understand connected markets and there effects.

This you can get for a hell of a lot cheaper than thousands of british pounds.

My rating would have been higher but is based not only on the product but the price of the product in question.

Extremely poor value for money. Shop around.

Way too expensive for what it claims to do. What it claims to do is prabably impossible, but I got fished in and wasted my money. Try not to get trapped the same way. avoid.
VantagePoint Performs Well

VantagePoint provides an interesting set of data which can be used to complement existing trading systems or used to develop stand-alone trading strategies. If provides a Predicted 10 Day Average (4 days in advance), a Predicted 5 Day Average (2 days in advance), a predicted High for the next day, a Predicted Low for the next day and a Neural Index which predicts the market trend for the next 2 days. This information is generated at End of Day and uses neural network technology to forecast one specific market based on patterns seen in that market and other related markets.

Contrary to other reviews, this information cannot be duplicated using moving average indicators provided in tools like Tradestation as it incorporates forecast data. A superficial look at the toolset might lead you to think this but deeper analysis reveals that the tool generates surprisingly accurate forecast information.

Market Technologies claims that the Neural Index prediction for future market direction is on average 80% accurate. After backtesting 13 markets to date, I have found this claim to be generally valid. The Neural Index forecasts whether the moving average of the next two days closes will be greater than or less than the moving average of the previous 2 days closes. While the index is quite accurate in its predictions, the index in itself is probably not enough to develop a valid trading strategy - it could be used in conjunction with other data to develop a strategy however.

I have found that effective trading strategies can be developed using the tool in the following manner. The VantagePoint data is downloaded into a spreadsheet. Based on the behaviour of that data for a specific market, trading strategy hypotheses can be developed. These hypotheses can then be backtested using the downloaded data (and various formulas set up in the spreadsheet). The backtesting will indicate whether a particular strategy idea has any validity. While a valid backtest is not a guarantee of future success, a strategy which does not backtest profitably will be likely to fail in the future.

My personal experience is that reading trading signals directly off a VantagePoint chart will not lead to much success. Its takes work developing trading strategy ideas and backtesting those ideas using downloaded VantagePoint data. Aside from analytically determining if the strategy has merit, this activity also builds confidence in the trader to act on VantagePoint signals on a particular day when the trader's "gut" might incorrectly tell them not to act on those signals.

As an example, VantagePoint provides the difference between predicted and actual data. This can be viewed as an oscillator moving between overbought and oversold extremes. Valid strategies can be developed which utilize trading signals generated from this oscillation. I have developed a number of valid strategies from VantagePoint data using this as well as other methods.

The fact that the software generates data based on neural network analysis of inter-related markets provides me with a third approach for looking at the market beyond the fundamental and standard technical analysis I already do.

The software would be more effective if it came with more information on how to use it to develop good trading strategies and more ideas on some specific strategies. I have been trading for some time using tools like TradeStation so the methodology of developing strategies using backtesting is natural for me. It may not be for others. It would also be useful to have an interface between Tradestation and VantagePoint to automate VantagePoint based strategies.

The tool is quite expensive and I spent a lot of time talking with Market Technologies people before purchasing it. I have found it useful however and probably cheap compared with trading losses that might be avoided by using the data is produces.

In summary I think the tool is a good addition to my trading toolset. I began making money with it fairly quickly (after backtesting some different strategies) and continue to identify new ways to use the data. I've also found the customer support provided by the company to be very good.
More "Snake Oil" Please

I have been trading with this software to clarify for about one year.

What I have noticed is that the 5 day predicted moving average and the 10 day predicted average are two of the most important indicators I have in my trade model.

Let me explain.

1. What is provided is a 24 hr indicator that is referred to as the neural index that"s sole purpose is to show the immediate direction of the pair.

2. You have the medium term strength and the short term strength along the predicted high and the predicted low.

3. If you look above you have four indicators in one paragraph and one indicator seperated. The purpose of me doing this is to help explain that the four indicators collect data through the use of neural networks and then feed this data into the neural index.

3. When trading the use of having a predicted high and low is simply used as a guide line to help determine the strength of the trend in relationship to where the market currently is and can be further used as a profit point other than that thet are not your key indicators.

4. There is certainly much talk of the blue line and the black line crossing over and how silly it is and there is even a reference to snake oil which is certainly entertaining all be it inaccurate.

5. The 5 day predicted moving average and the 10 day predicted moving simply need to be put on a live feed chart with real market prices and using the strength and consistency of the medium term trend and the short term trend you can day trade or position trade with very large profits.

6. The moving averages are used as support and resistance lines and should the market trade to these numbers you will be short or long once the the market gets there.

6. This is done without the use of something like Trade Station that charges over a 100.00 a month for a data feed you can get for free off any broker. looking closer at trade Station and the term snake oil, let me ask you this, is it a good thing when a software manufacturer and a Broker team up? Of course not a Broker has one purpose and that is of course in a zero sum game to take your money, Enough said.

7. When using Vantage point the blue line and the black line is a tool that is used by the software manufaturer to show you how they have arrived at there suugested trend and that is all.

8. The predicted moving averages put on a live feed and used as an entry point in conjunction with the strength of the trend can be very profitable provided you use common sense and have the ability to know when to take profit and when to exit .

9. When entering a trade you should also know where the pair has been and when it is about to turn based on a simple 30 day chart.

10. All and all Vantage Point is excellent at short term moves and when the market crosses the 5 day PMA and the 10 PMa that is when you trade or when the market trades to these averages and cannot cross over or bounces from them this is again an excellent enrty point.

11. this is a solid company that has been trading futures, commodities, and forex for 15 years and as frequented some of the top financial magazines and has further recieved reviews just like thisin the above mentioned magazines.

I hope if nothing else you can make better trades with the information supplied.
The \"Holy Grail\" of Snake Oil

From a cursory glance at the front page of their website, you'd forgive the newbie trader looking for an accurate trading method for thinking that he'd magically be able to produce 80% accuracy in all his trades. The rather deceptive use of the word "accuracy" which most people would take to mean "winning trades" in fact refers to the neural index, which isnt anything to do with accuracy of trades. I'm sure they know this, and I'm sure its an intentional ploy.

And their graphical illustrations showing the projected MA cross would make many think that it provides entry signals... oh look! this MA crossed and there was a big run up... right next to pronouncements about forecasting trends and 80% accuracy.

Maybe Vp does have uses in positional trading as an accesory to an existing and already profitable method, but certainly not as a standalone tool, and it certainly isnt an 80% accurate entry system as their marketing seems intent on leading many unwitting newbies to believe.

Market Technologies clearly know what they are doing in generating sales revenue from this tactic, so they are totally at fault for not making more realistic representations of what their product can actually acheive. If they marketed it as some have suggested that they make use of it, as a supplement to existing & already profitable methods, then that would be much better for everyone, though I'm sure it would only generate a fraction of the sales.

VP sales people are very good, almost "boiler roomish" in their high pressure & persistent sales tactics - certainly profitable for THEM as attested to by the fact that Market Technologies won florida's fastest growing technology business award - a LOT of traders are falling for this b0llocks.

Basically VantagePoint is not a "trading system", though their marketing would certainly like you to think you could use this to make profitable trades from. VP is a proprietary charting package, and not a very good one at that.

If you're interested in buying this, you'd better already have an existing & profitable *position trading* method, and *maybe* if you really know what you're doing, you might just be able to make some use of this package. But forget it for intraday. And remember, just coz its expensive doesnt mean its any good - there are no guarantee's, no free trials, and normally no refunds unless you get very nasty with them.

If it sounds too good to be true... it isnt true.
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