Market Detective

Market Detective

The Market Detective is a 32 bit charting program that runs only under Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, and provides for End of Day charting that is designed to work with any of three data file formats - CSI, Computrac/Metastock, or Ascii text.

The Market Detective charting software provides technical analysis of stocks, futures, indexes, and mutual funds. A user can create one or more charts with daily, weekly, monthly or any interday period.

Market Detective includes the following technical studies and methods:

  • Japanese Candlesticks
  • Market Detective Indicator
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Displaced Moving Averages
  • Point and Figure
  • RSI, Stochastics (slow)
  • Williams %R Oscillator
  • Keltner Channel
  • MACD Histogram
  • CCI
  • Volatility Stop
  • Ross Hooks and Trading Range.

The signature feature of this program, and the one that makes it unique is the Market Detective Indicator™. A most useful companion feature to this indicator is the Scan for Market Detective Reversal Signals. This special feature allows a trader to perform an automatic scan on all the symbols in a given directory (portfolio) in search of a 'R' reversal signal on the last bar of each symbol's database. If this reversal signal is determined to exist, then this symbol is added to the symbol list in the dialog box titled Scan of Symbols Giving Market Detective Reversal Signals. By selecting these symbols in turn, charts will be produced that display the Market Detective indicator graphics with an 'R' on the last bar. You can then tab through each of the resultant reversal-signals-only charts to view and decide which symbols you would like to trade on the next day's open.
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Not bad

had initial troubles getting the quotes to market detective. Once i got that ironed out then md becomes quick and easy to use. Its a solid basis for my eod trading and i use it in conjunction with other set ups. I like the easy to understand reversal indicators and its great for swing trading. After sales is good with emails returned next day. I have no problem recommending this software.