Marc Rivalland on Swing Trading

Marc Rivalland on Swing Trading

Marc Rivalland
Nov 1, 2002
Harriman House
The proactive approach to the stock market - don't be a victim - there is something you can do about it.

Swing trading is an approach to the stock market which is concerned less with value (a moveable feast as many have found out), and more with exploiting short-term upswings and downswings in share prices and market indices. Although the ranks of swing traders swell daily, not many traders know that there is a type of chart, a swing chart, which is designed specifically for swing trading.

In this ground-breaking book, Marc Rivalland, author of 'The Trader' column in Investors Chronicle, shows how swing charts can be used to perfect market timing. Moreover, Marc reveals his hitherto secret modifications to Gann swing charts which make them even more effective for stock market traders. W. D. Gann said "a study of swings in active stocks will convince a man that he can make far greater profits in swings than in any other way of trading". With this book, you get Gann and more.

In addition, Marc uses his two decades of experience with point & figure charts to bring to readers an up-to-date and thoroughly modern evaluation of the best point & figure signals to use when trading individual equities. Point & figure is enjoying an enormous resurgence. Readers of this book will discover new insights into this proven and popular 100+year old method of charting share prices.

Marc reveals his proprietary method of integrating swing charts and point & figure charts to further increase the chances of success. There is a chapter on the vital RSI indicator and a chapter devoted solely to those more passively inclined - long-term buy-and-hold investors.

In every case, the best trading tactics are discussed. Each technique is critically examined. The advantages are highlighted but the disadvantages are not glossed over. In all, the reader will receive a uniquely informative evaluation of the best, most disciplined way to approach the markets.

The style of the book is highly practical. Over 100 colour charts of real-life trading situations are used to illustrate the points being made. The charts are carefully annotated, and accompanied by clear and thoughtful commentary. The exact point where buy and sell signals occurred is shown.

'Marc Rivalland on Swing Trading' is THE essential book for stock market investors and traders.
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Marc Rivalland on Swing Trading

I think this book is an excellent primer for those wishing to swing trade. For anyone who likes to keep it simple a straight forward following of Marc's tactics provides a sound basis for trading.

The first part of Marc's book concentrates on his modifications to Gann swing trading. His technique is clearly explained, uncomplicated and well supported by well drawn charts and a full 2 year analysis on two indices.

The second part of his book concentrates on point & figure signals, again with an uncomplicated analysis, well drawn charts to demonstrate and selected chart examples of individual stocks.

He explains how, for individual stocks, he combines the elements of P&F and modified Gann swings to provide his trading opportunities. Again backed by a two year analysis of Rio Tinto.

I found it a good, uncomplicated read which caused me to make changes to my own swing trading rules - so far to advantage.