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ltg goldrock,,big all Andrew Barnett bullpoo!!

I have associations unfortunately of 5 years experience with Mr Andrew Barnett and he has cost me a very large some of money , but has made himself a cool 80% of the 3000 temporary members worldwide at 9000 dollars a piece, keep that in mind as you read on ! he is no dummy, but not to smart either. To start a sucsessful foriegn exchange education buisiness with all available for free information from the internet mind you, you have to target ?? yes you got it! those who spend the first 2 to 3 years fumbling through the fx road to sensible well to no surprize he has now targeted more people who are not sure about fx trading with big money telling us because well he seems to think he is the only person in the world who knows when big money comes in to the market ! sadly the way the top ten banks in the world who control over 45% of the volume in the exchange market and have done for over 30 years ,is not the way Andrew thinks it will go, but we will keep that an ongoing secret and not tell Andrew . Save your money dont buy anything that has the words incuded: expert,big,secret,best,most or Andrew Barnett tide to it!! hope this saves you some money
LTG gold rock and Traders international have one main thing in common

both traders international and ltg gold rock offer refund policy but its a sales pitch, and they have Peter Elingworth in common as ltg came from traders international

which also removes bad trades after they have lost from the trading room.
LTG no longer call trades in there room is there something to hide

Initially, I was disapointed with LTG. Now, I am disgusted at the antics of this crowd. I used to think it was just incompetence but it is so much more. It has been reduced to a one man hyped up facebook mirage, where bad calls are removed, and more importantly any complaints are promptly deleted. The only positive I can take away is the network of traders and friends that I have made along the way, otherwise it has been a total waste of time , not to mention extremely costly.
By the way, we are all going elsewhere.
LTG Goldrock. Take, take and more take.

There have actually been 7 (yes, SEVEN) LTG Goldrock threads deleted now.

This forum is under considerable and constant pressure from barnett to remove any and all critical comment.

Accordingly, steps are now in process to move the LTG Goldrock "awareness campaign" to a new dedicated site with similar forum access.

Edit The new forum to discuss LTG Goldrock is now at
The easy road to riches (for the terminally stupid)

If you're smart you'll notice that this guys supporters suddenly turn up with their couple of posts to help him peddle his rubbish.

This site and others has lots of free info on how to trade; you provide the hard work and mental adjustment required - but then, the lazy and stupid, the dreamers, prefer some conman peddling the easy path to riches. You choose.
my LTG review

To All on the LTG Goldrock question,

By now I'm no newby and at the same time know I have plenty more to learn. I have 'subscribed' to 2-3 FX 'systems' previously, mostly pretty good, but in my view none were comprehensive. If you want long-term sustained success in FX you have to be a complete Trader ie understanding all facets. If you rely on individual systems any success will be short lived, primarily because market dynamics change consistently. You have to serve your apprenticeship and learn the trade from the bottom up.

After careful investigation I joined LTG 2 years ago, and paid my full sub. Why? Because they do offer a complete and on-going education no matter what level you are at.

There are many paths you can go down online; some good some not so good and in many cases a waste of precious capital, but IMO LTG is a very good one and I can categorically say for me finding these guys was a master stroke. There is plenty I can add about my experience to date, however I don't intend to be a LTG billboard. I'm happy to spell out where the advantages are if there is a call for it, but right now I felt a need to say if you are new to FX you will always find knockers and negative sentiment, that's part of the territory. Not everyone will agree and certainly LTG is not for everyone. My advice is to be careful to get balance in your analysis, do your homework and look for what suits you. I am happy to detail my experience further if it would help.

Cheers, MarkS NZ


Legendary Member

"..this guys supporters suddenly turn up with their couple of posts to help him peddle his rubbish"

No it's simply a fair opinion from a member who is very satisfied [and grateful] with LTG - resulting in a climbing equity curve, and a desire to get some balance into some of the stuff on this thread/site. When I started my FX career I would certainly have appreciated balanced info from people in the know.

Lastly there were 1500 delegates at a recent LTG FX Bootcamp in Noosa where I spoke to as many as possible, getting to know people and finding out where they were at etc and everyone bar none I spoke to was stoked with LTG and many had come from other FX organisations and had experienced was a big difference. Some had come from previous FX organisations that were also good but were quick to say LTG was better.
Lots of hide

They obviously have a lot to hide, 5 threads deleted from T2W so far, no doubt the latest one will be deleted too. Ask yourself what sort of company resorts to tactics like that.
Dont sign up with them, much better and cheaper education avaliable out there.

Just that the threads about this company keeps getting deleted tells that they are trying to hide the truth. Do your self a favour look elsewhere for learning to trade forex. It will save you a lot of money.
LTG Gold rock -stay away from this entity alarm bells ringing!

Simple stay away..... lost money time from this mob and they continue to stink. Do not spend a penny on them .

Andrew Barnett sold education as a veteran trader in 'diabolical' $20m scam which put lives of people in jeopardy to lose their savings and hard earned cash.Lots of clients lost their money (3000 the approx. number).
But the crooked educator was actually putting thousands of clients at risk with his bogus education to lose or all ready lost their money. The approximate cost per membership was variable since 2007 to present. Started with $5000 than went to $7850 with TI, after that with LTGgoldrock was approx. $7495, and in some stages in the beginning more than that $8000.
He shamelessly claimed they could teach you to trade with bogus systems and EA's which were constantly changing and all of them were useless .Now he is offering you more to manage your super with various bogus ideas connected with his FOREX trading bogus systems. He is not a trader, he is never been one, he is a "diabolical mediocre individual" who must be stop soon, the sooner the batter.
The former water skiing champion from Melbourne Victoria, duped everyone from Federal police forces to the ASIC which he bribed few people to obtain his licence to regulate himself and run the scam free like a bird. The scam branded diabolical by investigators was run like a clock work (and still is), webinars choreographed to look like they know what they doing but in contrast they are just story tellers. They were selling you info which you can find for free on the net.
Andrew Barnett is a good salesman and a con man, hes a guy without any conscience and honesty and integrity as he says he is.
The scam was constructed and organized by 3 individuals starting with Andrew Barnett,Peter Elsworth and Grant Barnett. In addition to them their former student of deception Lachlan Elsworth now as you know is shut down no more TI.His license suspended never to educate in Australia. What did we said educate, no just a story teller/con man which sucks in clients.
And the day will come soon, when this diabolical trio will be closed for ever and they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law in this lovely egalitarian democratic society. And I hope that all the money they made from selling this scam to people (approx.$20 mil.), will be taken away and given back to all their former and present clients !
This name rings a bell ?

Sorry but this name rings a bell with me......and its an alarm bell

no offence intended
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