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Simply the best (better than all the rest :)

If you are serious about trading you need to avoid the bucketshops and use a decent trading platform like LMAX.

LMAX is quite simply excellent.
Unfortunately 90% of people don't have sufficient trading experience to realise why - which is why 90% lose money.
Spreads on LMAX are fantastic, execution is instant and you even have some visibility on depth of market etc.
This is a different league from traditional fx brokers.
I use Meta Trader 4 trading platform at LMAX partner Armada Markets

Works well for me, trading conditions are same than LMAX, also min deposit is less than LMAX
Good broker with a wide offer of maerkets.

LMAX is not just a broker, it's an exchange for FX and Futures.

I trade a couple of months CFD's without any problems. But they need to release a MetaTrader 4 because I have some EA's which I need to use. This would be great!