MBT LightWave Trading Platform™ ("LightWave Trading Suite" or "LightWave") is a comprehensive trading platform that allows you to view, analyze and execute trades in the same program. MBT LightWave manages your FOREX, stock, futures and options trades from one central location, providing you with proprietary Pressure Charts that have been used by over 160,000 people in their trading, as well as Price Charts for more advanced trade analysis. Whether you’re looking for a way to learn to trade, or you've tried other programs with little or no success, MBT LightWave may be the answer to more confident trading.
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A very expensive ($4000.00) way to get Moving Averages, which can be had on many sites for free!

A far better solution is to get a Direct Access Brokerage which also has a very good charting service, whereby one can construct their own charts.
Don't buy it.

Piece of cra..p! Simple moving average cross overs. You can get that with Stockcharts live feed.

Very expensive!!!!!! I was lucky to get my money back.