Larry Williams

Larry Williams

I think there are 3 steps for a person new to futures and commodities trading:

1) Learn the basics of how to position trade, where you see a futures market that is ready for a big move so you take a position. No day trading here; you can have a job and still do this spending maybe 30 minutes a day. This is what most people should be doing. It is the easiest money.

2) Swing trading. No day trading yet. Look to get in and out of a trade in 3 to 5 days. But, I caution you, this is not where you begin. You need to know, and have traded, the basics first.

3) Short term trading. OK, you want to day trade? This is the final step --- but I will tell you it is the hardest, the most difficult, and the riskiest way to trade. It is the dream of so many, to day trade, but it is usually a nightmare. I don't think you are ready for day trading until you have been trading for at least a year or more.

When I teach people how to day trade I put my own hard cash at risk, so you can really see how it works. I have made $1,000,000 in front of students trading and gave them back 20% of the profits. Day trading is not for most people. All the Forex and day trading stories that you have read about (making fortunes) are hustles. Please be very careful; use your common sense.

If you have already begun to trade futures and commodities and you are not yet making money, what do you do? Go back to the basics! My bet is that you have not learned what moves markets... you have looked at charts and indicators, but those things (Technical Analysis) by and large are mumbo-jumbo, which is why you are not making money. Just because you have been trading futures and commodities does not mean you know what is really going on.

Can I help you? I sure think so... I think I've trained more traders to be successful than anyone else in this business. Help yourself to my site, feel free to browse around here. Check out all the free stuff. My intention has been to create a site with ongoing value as well as what most people has described as the best educational products available... and at a reasonable price.
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