Jigsaw Trading

Jigsaw Trading

Though i love the concept, Jigsaw platform comes with its flaws. Many actually and for those new to orderflow and trading it's quite pricey. I and others known to me have become familiar with it's technical issues. Data dropping and platform bugs, very frustrating when you're managing a live trade.

Once you buy the software, if you wish to trade live on Daytradr you then have to pay an annual 'Live licence' currently running at $500.

I have shelved Jigsaw and am now running the rock solid, good old reliable Sierra charts. No extra costs ie. 'Annual Live licence'. You can trade live straight of the bat with their fully customisable DOM and believe me you can customise it till the cows come home. If you like the aesthetics of Jigsaw, then you can create a replica no problems. Just look you youtube for instructions & download files.
This tool may be very useful

This is not an easy tool, but it give you information about market that no one give you. So for me is a great tool.


Essential for a tape reader. Amazing product AND service.

The following is a review about the Depth and Sales tool that was recently added. If you've tried the Jigsaw tools before, then I suspect you know the quality and functionality that are incorporated in them. Unfortunately, they cannot be used as a measure or any sort of indication of the quality of the Depth & Sales, this is in another league of it's own.

The D&S greatly surpasses the previous tools, nothing comes close to it's functionality and the incredible intuitiveness implemented, something only a tape-reader could appreciate! Of course, if a trader doesn't use or doesn't plan on using the time and sales and level II, then they won't help, but if they are used, I can't think of a single thing that would improve their trading as drastically and consistently as the Depth & Sales.

Besides a small chart for reference, this and a few of the other Jigsaw tools is all I use, don't need anything else. Hands down the best tool in the market. It doesn't tell me when to buy or sell, or give signals, it's just a tool that let's me interpret the information much better and earlier.

I owe it to Pete, not only did he provide me with incredible software, but the service on top of it all was great. He connects with all his customers and really cared about my own experience and progress using it. All in all, these took me to the next level, I no longer day trade to pay the bills and feed the family, I day trade for pleasure as I've reached financial freedom now.
Product & support seem excellent...

I am disappointed by the eight reviews above! Not what I have read about the software but there seems to be nobody posting a review who has a long recognisable history on this site. They are either friend of Jigsaw as state or they are new on trade to win which means that anyone could sign up and write a good review. I too have looked into jigsawtrading and their offering. It seems to be well liked by those who have bought it. I noticed only one terrible review on the other site they quote as a reference. Most people commend them for the personal support.
I am considering it because I Have been told by pro traders thats almost all they use not charts! Strange but true.
I would love to see a few more reviews from members of this site who have been around for a while - elite level maybe...
My criticism is not aimed at Jigsaw its just my honest observation. If their software does what it seems to do at the price its offered at then its a sure thing every trader should have. I am sorry they dont have a free version or a proper free trial period. They say you can cancel no questions asked but thats not the same as a free evaluation trial.
By far the best Tools on the market

After acquiring Petes tools, and some training I finally got my edge and very good understanding of the order-flow. I finally figured out, what my problem was. I was never comfortable looking at charts.
Now, I trade looking at Petes DOM and the T&S, nothing else. I can clearly see who is in control, when the control changes and what my style of trading is. I 'm finally becoming my holy grail. Thanks to these tools.
Now, I know why so many traders fail. They are looking at the wrong things, when it is all there in front of you. I have been able to pick the reversals one or two ticks to the high or low multiple times. I have a good understanding on management. It feels like, I'm printing free money, effortlessly. I trade with confidence, patience, and discipline. If you really want to turn the corner and become a profitable trader, you need to understand Orderflow. And Petes tools will make it considerably easier for you.
Finally makes reading the tape a lot lot easier

I had been focusing on tape reading or trying to and really struggling with the tools to hand as provided by current retail software. Jigsaw trading have taken a simple concept and repackaged the data to enable me to make much better decisions based on what is happening on the tape, as a one off cost well worth it as the alternative is to keep struggling with info overload on the tape.
Very good product

I saw this in its early "beta" form and was very impressed with it.
Anyone wanting to trade the eminis with an understanding of the dynamics of depth of market to help them trade profitably should find this product invaluable.
Adds Value

What is it?

Jigsaw Trading tools are plug in indicators for Ninjatrader 7. There are 2 products specifically - reconstructed tape and summary tape.

Reconstructed tape - this uses an algorithm to collect together trades that are likely done in the same order but appear in loads and loads of 1 and 2 lots. There is a description on the website of what it does exactly, it is not the product I use most.

Summary Tape - bow this, IMHO, is a great tool fr anyone who wants to learn about tape reading. For every pair of prices in a market (bid and offer), it shows how many contracts have traded at each price; how many contracts are currently bid/offered; and the net market delta. It scrolls down much like time and sales every time the market ticks up or down.

What is the benefit?

Speaking about the summary tape, it allows you to see the raw action in a condenced - but in now way smplified - form. For example, if at a particular price, 50 lots are traded at the bid (sold), and 1000 trade at the offer (bought), but the market ticks DOWN, that is indicative of someone, somewhere, manipulating the price. Summary tape lets you see this while, and after, it has happened. Likewise, if in a downtrend, a particular price is reached and is always lifted when it gets to a price (i.e. no contracts trade at the bid on several attempts), that is also indicative of someone trying to work an order.

Summary tape makes it easier to see in real time, and also retains the record for you to review if you missed it. There is nothing else like it on the market as far as I know.

What are the bad parts?

Jigsaw Trading products - so far at least - are limited to running in NinjaTrader 7, which has its problems.

Anything else I need to know?

disclaimer: I was involved in the beta testing of these products, and so I got a 30% discount off the retail price

If you haven't used Ninjatrader, there is also a package of "Gomi" indicators which you can download for a small contribution. These two tools combined provide an excellent (and cheap) environment for anyone who would like to explore market profile / market delta / tape reading techniques together.

Presently, the software is very much a "does exactly what it says on the tin" affair. I understand that upgrades and new releases will follow that, technology permitting, will expand on the present functionality at no extra cost to the user.


If you fancy giving tape reading a go, Jigsaw Trading could well be the crutch that gets you beyond the point of exasperation and gets you on the upward sloping part of the J-curve. It genuinly is the unique solution to a popular set of problems. Highly Recommended.
Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks. In the markets opportunity knocks frequently. Jigsaw Trading works to identify the opportunity. Many traders use a system and enter on a setup that has been proven to have a statistical advantage. Jigsaw is not a system. Rather it shows whether big traders are buying or selling. If your system flashes a buy signal knowing if big traders are selling could significantly alter your decision to enter the market long. Many of the best known traders in market history have been tape readers using an uncanny ability to go with the markets to great advantage. Big traders and the exchanges have been working to make tape reading harder by showing more trades of 1 and 2 and less trades of size. Jigsaw puts the puzzle back together among other features. Tape reading is an art not a science and it doesnt come easy, it take time and practice. Jigsaw makes reading the tape easier when your setup signals an opportunity. Take this opportunity.

I have had months of using Jigsaw. Pete Davies, the brainpower behind Jigsaw is a friend of mine. Our wives socialize and our children play. But, our real connection is our passion for trading and the trading ideas and experiences we share. I have watched the program develop with increasing excitement. I have no problem admitting that Pete is a better trader. He has a keen analytical mind and comes up with things I never imagined. The Jigsaw program has been helping me reduce the stress of trading and allows me to enter trades with more confidence. More importantly, it keeps me out of losers. Thanks Pete, youve do a lot for me.
Overall pretty happy

Just wante to share that I am pretty happy with the software. Of course there are things I want it to do that it can't (or else I just haven't figured it out yet) but doesn't all software