JBL Risk Manager

JBL Risk Manager

Successful stock market share trading and investing is all about managing your RISK. "Past results are not a reliable guide to future outcomes" but the risk you are exposed to can be controlled, by having the right tools and the discipline to use them. Very important if you currently manage your own Superannuation Fund or hope to in the future.

Don't waste any more time or money on unproven strategies and untested stock market software waiting to again disappoint. Investing in the multi-award winning charting/analysis software such as MetaStock in conjunction with reliable financial data (via the Internet) and proven stock market money management strategies used in JBL Risk Manager; will certainly be one of your best share trading and investment decisions you will ever make.

We offer a complete solution in one package that gives you the support needed to help achieve your financial goals, sooner. MetaStock is not cheap but is one of the best! JBL Risk Manager is money management software that will control the risk, protect your trading capital, maximize your profits and minimize your losses, yes you will have losses, but by using proven money risk management strategies, it will keep them minimal. It will integrate with your MetaStock format data but it is not necessary to own MetaStock charting software. You may order JBL Risk Manager independently, but enjoy the free trial first.
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Must have software for risk management

This is a must have part of any trading system, I have been using it for about 4 years and find it an essential part of my trading toolkit. With the correct discipline this will keep you in winning trades and take you out of losing trades you just need to update your data each day and respond to the signals given in the software.
Jeff Hunter