Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein

I'm Jake Bernstein. I'd like to help you acquire the skills it takes to become a disciplined, successful commodity trader. With 40 years of trading futures and as the author of nearly 41 books on the stock and commodity markets, I will share my expertise on mastering the last bastion of American capitalism -- trading commodity futures...

Commodity trading is the one area of the financial markets where any person with tenacity, risk capital, and discipline can be highly successful. BUT there is also considerable risk of loss, particularly for the uneducated or mis-informed. My books, newsletters, courses,and seminars can familiarize you with all major aspects of futures trading.

Jake Bernstein on Futures bookstore is your single best source for solid, HONEST bookstore and reliable information on the futures markets. I've researched, written about, and traded the commodity markets longer than many of the other trading advisors. My experience is extensive. I believe that with effective risk management and sufficient starting capital, bookstore you can benefit considerably from my theories, techniques and hands-on trading experience.

My clients include experienced traders, new traders, grain companies, money managers, banks, major brokerage houses, brokers, floor traders and speculators all over the world. I provide a variety of services to traders. These include newsletters, hotlines, books, seasonal studies and reports, seasonal trading software, cyclical market research, markets projections, seminars, consultations, personal training, systems research, and market timing studies.

Take a few minutes to become acquainted with my work. Read the detailed, reader-friendly information I offer. You can get a free copy of my newsletter by sending an E-mail to me or, if you have any questions, drop me a line and either I or one of my assistants will respond promptly.

By subscribing to my services, attending one of my seminars, webinars and/or reading my books, I believe you will be exposed to some solid, effective ideas about commodity trading. You'll get solid research, specific forecasts and recommendations and the tools you need to become an independent trader. If you want outrageous claims, promises of "sure-fire" results, guarantees, and complex or arcane trading methods that are intuitive and not objective, then you'll have to go somewhere else. I think you'll agree that those methods won't work for you. But if you want clear and understandable information that's objective and specific then stick with me. I've learned a lot about trading since I made my first trade in 1968 - I think that what I've learned can help you in your quest for success.
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