IT-Finance is a financial software development company based in France. We aim to provide the financial, brokerage and banking industries with cutting edge charting and front-end solutions.

Our developers are highly qualified and only apply the latest technologies. We cover the entire spectrum of charting software development including the handling of large real-time financial databases.

More than 50 000 investors from our top 60 corporate customers connect each day to our datacenters. This high quality feedback on the current and future concerns of our end users allows us to continuously improve our technology solutions.

Being so close to the market, our project managers are able to respond quickly to your requirements and needs.
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Free IT-Finance charts

It is good to know that InterTrader is offering these charts for free, most brokers offer the advanced charts only for their top clients and for an extra cost.
Great charts

Im also using these charts, They are the best!
You can create your own technical indicators, activate advanced charts direct from any market, set alerts triggered by single or multiple conditions and more.

I just love them!
IT-Finance in InterTrader

Great News! InterTrader have reintroduced IT-finance charts - and theyre available now for free.
They include a wide range of technical indicators, and they allow me to conduct back testing against historical data. In addition, they can even provide a breakdown of the return on virtual capital.
Above all else, these charts let me tailor tools according to my needs!

Thanks IT-Finance for these helpful charts and InterTrader for implementing them.
Alerts by SMS is very useful

I use their realtime service for commodity futures. Charts pretty good. Does not show LTD or OE. Can be messy when next future becomes the current future. Best feature is SMS alert when price crosses a line. I use this with ma10simple to buy on weakness or sell on strength. No need to watch a chart all day. No need to stay within hearing distance of your computer. No need even to have the computer on.