Global financial markets are increasingly influencing domestic equity trading, forcing local traders to demand more from their trading software. IRESS financial markets solutions are designed for domestic traders, yet offer extensive international markets access.

We have specific solutions for retail advisors and their clients through to institutional traders and specialist market makers. IRESS systems are modular and integrated, allowing clients to tailor functionality for different trader roles, business units and departments, while maintaining a single platform across their organisation.

IRESS systems are fast, comprehensive, reliable, and constantly adapted to meet industry and trader needs. Our unparalleled support network is focused on ensuring clients are informed and get the most out of their IRESS solution. We make it easy for equity participants to get all the information they need, and to access the markets they trade.

Equity Information
Catering to the diverse needs of equity and derivative traders, our IRESS equity information systems deliver comprehensive market data and market analysis tools. If you are a professional organisation, or a private trader, there is an IRESS solution for you.

Order Management
Streamline your trading activity with a single integrated order management solution. With our tailored user interfaces, retail and institutional traders seamlessly connect with multiple brokers to route equity and derivative orders to multiple markets and destinations.

The IRESS FIX solutions provide connectivity between the IRESS order management systems and global order routing systems or clients’ internal order systems. All IRESS FIX interfaces operate to the industry standard FIX protocol.

Portfolio Management
Bridging the gap between information systems and the interactive market, our sophisticated trading and portfolio management solutions cater to the specific needs of professional portfolio and fund managers.

Risk & Market Making
IRESS offers specialist solutions for market making and risk management. Traders use these solutions to automatically create and amend derivative market orders based on the price movement of the underlying security.

Web Services
Incorporate market data and trading functionality into third party websites and applications with our IRESS Web Services solution.
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