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Beware of fills around rollover time

I had a dodgy fill around rollover time, where Intertrader filled my order 10 ticks below any price seen on any other broker. The lowest I could find was 1.32351.
As you can see the price went 23.5 ticks wide and filled my stop loss order. Typical broker practice is to not fill orders around the rollover time as it tends to lead a lot of inquiries including mine. Either way if this was any other broker, my stop wouldn't have been filled. The response I received was pretty ridiculous to say the least. Especially the part about 23.5 tick spreads somehow benefiting the client time to time. Please explain that one..Response from Intertrader below.

Thank you for your email!

We value our customers and we are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our execution.

We can only confirm that the spread during the day stays stable (between 0.4 and 0.7 pips during most of the time) and during roll over time widens significantly (sometimes around 30 pips and this happens for a few seconds) and this has been like that for quite a while.

As requested, below you can see the Bid/Ask levels which triggered the SL levels of your 4 trades.

In addition, we have followed up with our Liquidity Providers to check whether these prices were sent to us correctly but based on past experience we believe that these fills were genuine and the reason for the wide spread was the rollover time.

As stated before, sometimes this scenario can work in clients favour if for example the wide spread triggers a TP level and then the market turns against the client.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

InterTrader Team
+44 (0)20 3364 5189
were very honest in the end

well kudos to neil williams in the compliance dept

i made a large deposit and got a large bonus. at the time of the bonus it said you had to trade double the amount in cfds. which i did in the india 50. first i spoke with george the account managerand he wrote that i have completed the bonus. then george changed his mind a week later and said that these cfds did not count but was really really really trying to help me by saying that i could trade more for the bonus. afterwards when i made a withdrawel they even deducted 2k. but with respect to the compliance dept he was very honest and refunded the bonus that i had earned.
so after a bit of hassle at least they were very honest and refunded about a week ago


Cons Now Outweigh the Pros

I have been using Intertrader as one of my brokers since 2012. During that time I have had problems with filling orders during volatile periods such as key data and news releases (e.g. US NFP, FOMC rate decision and minutes, ECB rate decision and press conference, etc). There have also been problems from time to time where the platform simply greys out which is when they lose connection to their liquidity provider. The only way to place orders at these times is via telephone. If the amount you are trading is small the liquidity issues are not so important but when it gets to 20-50 plus per point it becomes very problematic. It is not a nice feeling to be trying to place an order or get out of a position and have this stymied by liquidity issues resulting in an unresponsive platform so that the only recourse is to pick up the phone. This can wreck your nerves if you're in a large position. With their resources these issues should have been resolved by now. I have therefore decided to move to another broker. I think the reason it took me so long is that they do have some very good aspects. Withdrawls have always been processed promptly even if it's 10-20k euros. Customer service is often very efficient and courteous (though they can do little about the liquidity isues). Spreads are fixed so they don't widen during high volatility. There's a useful live squawk service and good training for beginners. However, a trader needs reliability in order execution and two years is more then enough time for them to have fixed this major issue. I really don't understand why they have not tried to increase their liquidity.
Has become so unreliable I've moved to another provider.

Expect large delays on filling orders.
Platform problems have increased recently and it fails completely at the most inopportune times 'US open', 'news releases', etc... If you like to trade in any kind of volume dont use them.
The last straw was when the charting package gave up the ghost and so the intraday moves are missing.
With my money on the line I expect better.
T2W mods please note, it might be me, but the reviews by MikeFin, SeTrader, JackTrader, SandrSC, SamWein, rab000 look like fake accounts set up just to give intertrader a good review and nothing else. Look at the posting activity of the accounts, SamWein in particular. Shady stuff if that is the case.
Be carful they are cheaters

Good day all ,

I won Intertrader demo contest July 2013 , and they reject to open an account or pay the prize , they are cheaters , they claimed that Egypt is not allowed , even i chatted with there support many times during the contest and they know i am resident in Egypt , after that with different name i asked if Jordan ok , they answered yes , so i return to them and told them i am Jordanian , send my ID and i want my prize , they ignore that , so resident in Egypt did not work , and Jordanian Nationality did not work , guess what ? , nothing work with cheaters work , they even did not remove my name from the list still ranking #1 , because they dont want to pay to the next competitor too ,
if they do this for virtual money , what they will do for real , i saw Panache comment regarding the withdrawal , will be glad to help you , i sate my support to report them to FSA , see linls please as evidences of cheating .

Thank you for you support by warning others .

Excellent Broker

There Service is amazing. I have been using them for over 2 years and so far no complaints...You ll get what you want here.
Good For scalping...Fixed Spreads....Live news feed..Great Customer Service...
Excellent repeat user

I have been with intertrader over a year and have found them !st class.
By nature i'm a scalper and apart from some gapping when markets move fast
found them totally reliable.
On one occasion i had placed 2 crders on Non farm payrolls and 1 was triggered.I closed the trade
within a minute and did not like end quote.I telephoned trading desk explained and was given 20 pips profit.
As a part time trader and small fry i trade at 10 a pip and try to stop after 30/40 pips profit a day i haver
found their advanced charts a godsend.
My biggest problem is over trading,good luck to all and i will definitely stick with this broker
having tried quite a few during the last 15 years.
Helpful, fast and safe

I've heard about InterTrader from a friend. I have experienced no server issues. Support has been available 24/7. Order execution time is extremely low and they offer tight spreads. Thats why I have decided to stick with them.
Great provider for beginners!

I've been trading with Intertrader's platform in the past year and rarely encountered any problems.
If you're new to trading, I would highly recommend using Intertrader as your first broker.
It is very simple to open an account and they offer fixed low spreads.
Only been using them for a week but very impresed

Very similar service to Capital Spreads but you get a 10% monthly rebate. I signed up with 50 quid free (no deposit) and it looks like the offer is still valid -