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Do not go near

Until October 2011, when Interactive Investor moved to a new platform, they were an excellent company.
Since then Dividends have not been paid and Tax Credits not credited. E-mails and letters are ignored and so, in the main, are secure messages. Telephone calls are met with the standard response of "we are looking into it" and "we'll call you back", neither of which statements has proved to be true.
Buy Orders have been duplicated, resulting in further knock-on problems. This has now been rectified, but only after the intervention of a Director, so I am told.
The Dividends and Tax Credits are still unpaid and now they seem to have washed their hands of the whole thing.
Do not go near this company.
Ample iii

One of the older and more established sites. Its been through various incarnations since I've been a member. I think its now back in the hands of its original team.

It features trading which I've never tried.

Level two at about £28 per month which is quite good.

Graphing facilities are average.

There are individual Bulletin boards for quite a number of shares which can be good or dead depending upon the number of contributors.

There are also several general boards and some good general interest and news sections.

I can honestly say that I've met a good number of friends and contacts through using the iii bb's