IB-Matlab provides a Matlab wrapper interface to IB’s API Java connector. This enables quantitative traders and algo traders to easily leverage Matlab’s superior analysis and visualization capabilities, with InteractiveBrokers no-nonsense low-cost trading platform for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, options, futures, commodities and FOREX (foreign currency exchange).

The need
While IB’s Java connector, which is provided by IB, can be used directly in Matlab, setting up the event callbacks and data conversions between Matlab and the connector is definitely not easy. You need to be familiar with both Matlab AND Java, at least to some degree.

Other applications that solve these problems are either expensive, limited in functionality, or limited in deployment (for example, ActiveX solutions will only work on 32-bit Windows systems). matlab2ib quant2ib

Main features of IB-Matlab
IB-Matlab is an inexpensive application that solves the connectivity problem by enabling simple Matlab access to the entire IB API functionality. Users can activate IB’s API by simple Matlab commands, without any need to know Java.

Active trading actions (buy, sell, short and cancel) and query actions (market, streaming quotes, open orders, historical, account and portfolio data) are available using simple one-line Matlab code (see usage examples below). Additional trading features (the full range of IB API) can be accessed using internal objects exposed by IB-Matlab.

Users can easily attach Matlab code (callbacks) to IB events. For example, this enables special operations (e.g., adding an entry in an Excel file, sending an email or SMS) whenever an order is fully or partially executed, or a specified price is reached.

IB-Matlab also provides functionality that is not available in the basic IB API: the ability to specify automated trading, automatically changing unfulfilled limits based on the momentary bid/ask prices.

IB-Matlab is up-to-date with the latest IB API (9.65, from May 2011), and the latest IB clients – both the Trading WorkStation (TWS) and the IB Gateway. It works on Matlab 7.1 and above (support for older versions can be provided upon demand). It is compatible with all platforms on which TWS (or the IB Gateway) and Matlab run: Windows (both 32 and 64 bits), Macs, Linux/Unix.

Free trial version
A fully-functional free trial version is available upon request – please email me (contact details via the website) and I will be happy to send you a no-obligations copy and to help you install it on your system.
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