How to Trade in Stocks

How to Trade in Stocks

Jesse Livermore
Jan 1, 2001
Traders Press
This classic book, written by Jesse Livermore and first published in 1940, sets forth the specific trading techniques and methods used by the man known variously as 'The Boy Plunger', 'The Great Bear of Wall Street', 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and 'The Greatest Stock Trader who Ever Lived'.

He started trading when he was 15 years old in the famous bucket shops of his era where you could get 10% margin. By the time he was 20 he was banned from all bucket shops in the country because he was beating them so badly. He called the crash of 1907 and made $3 million in a single day. In 1929 he went short and made $100 million as America rolled into the Depression. He was personally blamed for the 'Crash of 1929'.

When he was 45 years old he married a beautiful 18 year old Ziegfield Follies showgirl. They lived in opulent style: a mansion on Long Island with a dining room table that sat 46 people, a 300 foot yacht anchored in the back that took him to Wall Street and a beautiful private railway car that took him to Palm Beach for the winter and Lake Placid for the summer. Livermore had two handsome sons by this wife. She was later, in 1934, to shoot her own son in the chest with a rifle during a drunken argument.

This book, written by Jesse Livermore, outlines his unique method of dealing with what he called the three essentials of successful stock market trading: timing, money management and emotional control. He reveals the techniques and methods that he used in a plain easy-to-read style.

The book reproduces the complete text of the original How to Trade in Stocks, and also includes updates, including graphics, charts and personal anecdotes, provided by Richard Smitten, author of 'The Amazing Life of Jesse Livermore'.
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