How Charts Can Help You In The Stock Market

How Charts Can Help You In The Stock Market

William Jiler
Feb 17, 2012
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How charts can help you in the Stock Market

This was the first book I ever bought on TA, it was cheap,simple to understand, it was excellent value. I find I keep coming back to it if I start losing sight of what's happening.

I like his views on volume when analising the patterns, and the chapter on the 200 day Moving average- very good.

Dave has already given you the other aspects of the book , of which I concur.

Amust for any library.
How Charts Can Help You in the Stockmarket

First published 1962, my copy is from the 10th printing in 2000... that in itself isn't a bad recommendation ;)

This is, in my view, an excellent first book for TA newbies - it teaches you to look for support, resistance and trends over the first 25% of the fairly slim 200 or so pages. Straightforward, no nonsense guidance - forget heading straight to Murphy and 3000 indicators to tweak while your money evaporates, this'll help you learn to read a simple price and volume bar or candle chart without frills. I think that's one of the most important skills in TA, and one many skip over too quickly.

After that you get a potted guide to 8 or 9 common 'patterns' of price and volume action - again useful stuff, without going overboard with dozens of variations, a tiny 'indicators' isn't what most will imagine - no sign of an RSI or OBV here - and then a few short pages on profit and avoiding undue loss. These last two sections are a bit of a skim over the surface, you'll need a more in depth treatment sooner rather than later - it'd be optimistic to claim the 'profits' section told you all you'd eventually like to know.

Overall - it is not an in depth guide, it is a good, solid introduction to chart reading that would make a good foundation before starting to look for more complex ideas. Darn good value for a newbie.