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With them for a while now.

Had an account with them for 8 years, only criticism is they sometimes fail to fill limit orders beyond a few pips of placing but never fail to take out a stop loss.
Not decided!!

Jury still out on them for me. now live after a month's demo. Clunky and buggy platform at times, had stops jump(snap down whilst moving) closing open positions,had positions in profit debit the balance when closed! Account manager rang me frequently when I was demoing, not had one call since being live in 2 months.Had a strange call when rang dealing desk, guy sounded out of breath and was playing spaces invaders (or some video game) while talking to me.Not much support for share/stock trading. Company is more geared to FX.

There are things I like , no restrictions on stop placement. Easy to quickly preview the instruments via charts using "linked charts" saving opening a chart every time. Good range of spread bet instruments including small caps.Can move stops easily on charts. trailing stops available.
Slow platform

The iPad app is very slow in execution compared to apps from other providers like IG Markets.
GFT - Not a bad outfit

Been trading with GFT for close on 12 years now. Must say I've never had any major problems, slippage etc.

avoid if you dont wana loose yer money - REQOUTES, SLIPAGES
overall excellent broker for spread betting

excellent broker
been with them for two years and spreads are some of the sltightest in industry with aud/usd sometimes 0.7 and have never had any issues with slippage. (even my limit orders the usually give me about 0.2 pips better so negligent though!)

only negative is if you don't use your account for a couple of months will deduct 5 per month but if you do a trade after that they refund that as well.
Very solid...

I am quite happy with them, especially the way they do financing on FX trades. They also offer a much better range of assets than competitors. Overall, I am very satisfied.
No Transparency

have had a GFT Binary bets account for four months now and I will not recommend them. When I started off, the execution was fast but after 2 months my trades were being executed via their dealing desk and execution became slow and with frequent requotes (at a worse off price).
I am still waiting for a response to the complaint i made 2-3 weeks ago.

My account executive is excellent.

funds transfers in are very quick.

transfers out to card are also speedy.

Spreads are competitive though not market leading.
good broker!

I have been with GFT for about 3 months now, trading FX and equities. The FX execution is fast, I cant notice any slippage that has affected my position. Their spreads say on the eur/usd are about the 1.8 region during the day, which is OK though I know better can be had on larger account sizes. equities execution is good and the orders usually get filled within 5 seconds.
They are very helpful, only today I accidentaly closed my aud/usd position and they placed it back on the market without any fuss. this is the reason why I am writing this review.
Luke McLachlan