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Great bonus - cr@p company

I have had the 1,000 cash bonus off them twice!!

Just don't scalp before you have got it, because they will intervene and close you down in an instant.

Giving them a score of 5 purely for the 2,000 bonus, which I was allowed to withdraw both times - thanks Gekko!
Not recommended

I have been with Gekko for about 2 months. After trading a few weeks of trading (mainly fx), Gekko started imposing dealer referral to my trades. With FX prices chaning by the second, I could not excute any trades at prices that I choose to buy/sell (unless price went opposite direction; even if trade was excuted, it would take forever to fullfill). Then out of sudden, today, they contacted me to say that they are closing my account (without stating any reason; just quoting the T&C that they reserve the right to do so). So the experience with them, not to mention they out-dated trading plateform, is really really aweful, so I would not recommend it to anyone. The only reason I decided to try was due to the cash bonus, which I am not even sure that they would honour (even though I have satisfied the relevant T&C).
Gekko has its limitations. (IMHO)

I too have had the same experiences as the previous reviewer. Happily, I use long time frames and so have plenty of time to logoff and then logon again to reactivate the platform. It clearly is an unreliable platform at present. I have been too busy to chase them up about this, but imagine that they would simply respond by saying that the problems are being addressed. However, bare in mind that this situation appears to have been ongoing for several months now!

Also, their charting package is very basic in terms of functionality and has only a limited range of technical indicators on offer. In short, for myself, because of the limitations that I experienced, I am not able to recommend this package.
Are Gekko greener than I am?

Wow, I'm doing the first review here. Unfortunately it is not a good one! I have only recently started trading the forex markets, so I admit that I'm still a little green and will make mistakes.

However, I'm afraid Gekko are behaving a lot greener than me! I switched to Gekko from another platform because it was costing more per trade than I wanted to pay.

The main issues I seem to be having with them are down to the platform freezing. I've noticed this happening on a more frequent basis over the last two weeks.

You make a trade, a short time later you realise it isn't going to go the way you hoped. So you attempt to close the trade, maybe take a small 5-10 pip loss, but you cant! The platform is not responding.

By the time it starts moving again, you find you've been stopped out. The same can be said about trying to get into a trade. You've studied the charts, and you can see the move coming off, you attempt to make the trade and nothing happens.

By the time it starts to work again, you've missed a move, generally because you cannot be sure how much further up or down the move will continue - "is it worth me getting in, I don't know?". Your confidence is by now shot to pieces.

I've also lost out when trying to get out of positive trades. I've been watching my trade go well, break a 60 pip profit, and try to get out only to be frozen out. You guessed it, by the time you can do anything you've lost a good few pips of profit.

I did phone to enquire as to why this problem was occurring - and to complain. I was told to put the complaint into an email and send it to them. I did just that and other than an acknowledgement, I've heard nothing back since. I assume mine is amongst one of many!

Like I said earlier, I'm purely an amateur trader at the moment, hence the name choice, but due to a poor system I find myself down by around 75 pips, and with potential losses of around 200+ pips where I was unable to get in on a move.

It would be interesting to read any other traders experiences of this platform.