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Good analysis site

Good site, good calendar, check it every day, use it to plan my week's trading.

...for scams. "So what?" you might say, "there are scammers on all trading sites.". True, but are there scammers like Jacko? Do other sites have their own cess pit so you can easily see all the vendorscum cyrrently operating, and chose which one is going to rip you off?

No, if you are determined to get scammed (and read some nonsensical ramblings from non-vendorscum, Forex Factory is the best!
The best forum on the net for serious traders!

I have been a member of FF for a coupe of years and recommend this site to traders in all stages of development. It covers forex, commodities and stocks.
There are plenty of threads for developing systems, manual and automated. Included on the site is a Commercial section where vendors can post and get feedback. There are a considerable number of experienced traders who are willing to provide knowledge and guidance to new traders.

I have found the site almost free of trolls and the scepticism found on a number of forums. This is about serious trading.