eSignal is an all-in-one trading platform with everything from fast, accurate, streaming, real-time market quotes from the world's exchanges and tools to make your picks and strategize your moves, to integrated trading with a choice of brokers. Offered by Interactive Data, the eSignal suite of products and services provide global, real-time market data and professional-level decision support to individual investors and active traders worldwide.
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eSignal is a great charting platform with a lot of advanced features. They still have some of the nicest charts around. That said, it's mostly for advanced traders who can justify the cost of a standalone platform. We did a full review at and concluded that most traders would be better off sticking with the free platform provided by their brokers IF the cost is too high.
One of the better in the business

eSignal released a new version (11.xx) which works excellent. Although not all features of version 10.6 are yet implemented, it is a breeze to work with it. With every update, they aim to increase the functionality and add new features.

I now work with it for more than 5 months and are satisfied with it. Once you know the basics of the program, TA is done and setups are made, one can concentrate on the trading (as it should!). A charting and trading program should not draw your attention from what is happening in the markets, so you can react timely and adequate. eSignal is such a program.

Its not cheap, also not expensive! Consider the penny wise, pound foolish saying. If you go for trading to make thousands of dollars a trade, why save on the most important tools you need?

Technical support is one of the best and friendliest in the business. Problems or questions are almost immediately solved or answered.

If anybody knows a better charting, RT system than this one, please let me know!

Great system. Very helpful service and tech support.

TINY investors don't need it. No offence intended, but if you are playing with a few k and EoD data you just don't need it. If you need RT data then this is good, very easy to configure, add and subtract the markets and services you want. the minimum cost is probably a bit under $100 a month while the 'have everything' option... well, that's probably at least an order of magnitude greater. You also get a Java style language so you can build your own indicators, candle pattern finders, whatever and the online help is very good - whether you want info on programming your own ideas up or want an esignal employee to answer a query in the next 5 mins... I cannot concieve, really, of a situation I can't get the service to support - and having placed a trade RT I can go chill out in the conservatory, stick my Dell Axcim on the coffee table, and their Quotrek product shows current prices/charts via wireless link from my desktop a room distant. Probably not the only software with all this, but for me I gotta tell you that simply being able to wander off and slaughter something on my guitar, while my PDA keeps updating with my latest trade, is really great....

Realistically (A) it's no use to you unless you NEED RT data. (B) If you need it, you'll be facing $150-200 a month for price data, the odd bit of level 2. If you want some of the bells and whistles and proprietary systems like Advanced GET and Uncle Tom Cobbly's magic box (I made that last one up, by the way, for those devoid of the cynicism gene) then budget for rather more... some of these add ons are a tad expensive.

Excellent product, used it for a couple of years, can't fault it and if you actually just want price data and nothing fancy it can pan out quite cheaply.

I have used eSignal for about a year, and overall am reasonably satisfied. It is an expensive product when compared to something like QuoteTracker, but it has the advantage that the charting and data feeds are coming from the same supplier, thus if there is a problem you do not have the issue of the software supplier blaming the data feed and vice versa. There are certainly more expensive charting programmes out there.

The charts themselves are clean and well presented, and can be customised in many ways, although the user interface is not very intuitive and so it is often necessary to refer to the help system. The help can best be described as adequate.

All of the usual technical indicators are present, if that is your thing, and there is a language for writing your own.

I only have two real gripes with eSignal. The fist is that it is not 100% stable. Many times I will start it up and find some charts or indicators are not updating. This apparently is because some of eSignals servers crash, and so you have to restart the programme in the hope that you can connect to a working server. This is frustrating, especially when four or five restarts are required. However, once working it tends to remain working.

The second gripe is the customer support which might as well not exist. The support department do a good job of responding to questions, but their answers are normally "we are looking into this and will get back to you" and that is the last you hear of them. It seems they are interested in being seen to respond quickly but there is no substance to the support itself. There is a live chat support facility but having sat in a queue for hours only to end up talking to someone who was very rude to me, I have not used that again.

In summary, for basic charting eSignal is a nice product to use when it works. The poor support and technical glitces mean I would not be comfortable using for anything other than basic charting though.
eSignal 7.3

My experience with eSignal 7.3 over the trial period was tantalising, and on balance frustrating. Hence the high scores for User Interface and Features, combined with low scores for everything else.

I took the service because it provides seamless coverage of all markets that I am interested in, together with a very full suite of technical charting tools. To the extent that these things were indeed provided, I got what I was looking for. There are limitations. For instance, the market scanner tools apparently do not extend to UK stocks, so I was unable to automate my evaluations in the UK market. There is no real functionality for testing trading systems.
I had real problems with reliability.

After a few days I began to notice that the data used by the Advanced Charts had gaps in it, of a few days or a few hours. The charting software sometimes indicated the gaps - for instance if a couple of bars dropped out, there would be an empty space. For longer gaps, however, the chart would simply excise the missing time periods from the x- axis. In a system where charting tools are being applied to generate trading signals, this was potentially very dangerous; for instance, the Advanced GET "XTL" indicator applied itself quite happily to a series of 60-minute bars which had a 3-day gap in the middle, generating visually plausible but financially meaningless (and dangerous) results. The gaps persisted from session to session, and day to day, for a number of days, then cleared up "spontaneously".

The dropping out of data appeared to be associated with a tendency of the eSignal Data Manager to go into a "hung" state, without any system warning. Applications that go into a temporarily hung state, without explicit indication, present a specially pernicious kind of unreliability (imagine an air-traffic control system which behaved like that).
When I contacted eSignal technical support to deal with this (specifically, to give me guidance on the problem of data gaps) they took about three days to come up with the answer that they had been unable to reproduce the problem. None of the diagnostic tests they asked me to perform revealed anything: I still got the same data-errors in all the experimental conditions they suggested. After an extended support experience - several days of emailing of screen dumps and several telephone calls later - no solution had been provided. Just when all seemed completely hopeless, the missing data mysteriously reappeared, but without any explanation for the problems.

As soon as the data-gaps had cured themselves, the whole eSignal system went down for some hours, leading to a complete absence of market coverage. This did not impress.

Thereafter I confined my use of the system to an early morning check of potential trades for the day, in circumstances where there were no other applications running, and no incoming prices. Even in these apparently ideal conditions, the application was not reliable. When it hung one morning for the third or fourth time I gave up. (I should say this all took place on a good broadband connection, on a fast new pc which runs lots of other applications without a glitch)
LATEST ESIGNAL 7.4 Gold Release: A MUST Try

Esignal Advanced Get toghether
I had the chance to switch from CQG and Advanced get RT stand alone and they new just released 7.4 release of ESIGNAL ADVANCED GET

It is of great interest either from a trading and a corporate stand point , see the kind of improvements that this group -IDC- is making at a speed light. Fumbling sometimes , but nobody is perfect.

The integration of the two programs via the M&A of Tom Joseph's TRADING TECh. make this platform a tremendous tool for every trader around . Either he is a Elliot fan or just or not. For Esignal Itself has dramatically improved in every sense: new mission, new look, new tools, solid rock data and new release at the pace of one every 20 days.

THE NEW 7.4 Gold Release:

I mean NOTHING it is missed. That does not mean getting out of focus in the "software per se" and corporate mission. Actually it is release by release even more clear where they want to get.
I'v never thought to have the chance to make my Elliot analysis while having an open system with ALL the indispensables that a Pro need to have . All integrated. But actually after month stressing out both the soft, the data and the customer service I must say that finally those guys are setting a new benchmark for the whole industry.
Let me stress on few points:

IDC is a powerful group with power in capital expenditure. So said with the COMSTOK DATA corp acquisition ESIGNAL has by far the highest potential in Data feed WORLDWIDE.



the proprietary EFS java script language - yet under improvements- give to ESIGNAL the unlimited possibility to elaborate ANY KIND OF STUDY, OSCILLATOR, STRATEGY, BT, etc you can imagine. .

* BACK TESTING: even backtesting has improved : I'm just a customer but from what I can read from the community we will see an incredible number of improvements with the Release 8.


* CUSTOMER SUPPORT: just great, at a "third ring" level.....

In addition to customer support the community works perfectly and you can reach what -maybe - the Customer care hasn't been able to solve via telecom or chat.

Sometimes- if you are a GET fan- you have the chance to discuss via forum with Mr. Tom Joseph himself and pose him questions..... or with Mr. Chuck Thompson , The CEO of Esignal AGET ...... ( who actually I'v seen posting in this BB)

IMHO a really first class "pragmatic" software....
and group .

PS. By the way, I had the pleasant surprise to receive after 4 days from my subscription a "welcome kit" with a 200 pages ADVANCED GET manual and a CD with Demo interactive. Right from the London office

(you will probably find a similar review in advanced get topic, but I honestly believe in this platform as a trader [ simply because allows my trading to be really profitable] and I appreciate teh way that this group make me feel " as a valuable customer" even if I am nobody.)
eSignal 7.2

Great product. Should have got it years ago.

I started just with Deal4Free's own charting, moved to Medved, then to SierraChart. All of them had problems in one way or another. Now I have discovered eSignal there is no looking back - I can get on with trading and not worry about technical issues or how I do certain things.

I get fast, accurate data to all the markets I want. I can pull up any US chart I want over any timescale. There are masses of studies and fuctions and you can write your own (if you're that way inclined).

Obviously you get a great product, you pay a great price. I'm currently paying $112 per month for eSignal which gives me real-time access to all the US markets. To get real-time access to European markets would cost another $50 or so per month, though they are doing a delayed data deal for only $10 per month. You pays your money and takes your choice.