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Dynamic Trading

Robert Miner
Jan 1, 1997
Traders Press
Dynamic Trading is divided into three broad sections.

The first covers the three dimensions of market activity - time, price and pattern. Combining these three principles makes the technician's chart a powerful ally to determine risk and profit objectives.

The second important area concerns trading strategies, in other words, how to put this comprehensive analysis into practice. Too many trading books just focus on the technical position of a market and fail to provide any real-world strategies of how to trade it. Robert Miner makes clear what all professional traders knwo but is rarely emphasised in most trading books and workshops: trading decisions are based on probabilities and risk control, not on predictions of the future.

The third major section is how to put the analysis and trading strategies together in a comprehensive trading plan to be applied to every trading situation day-by-day. Miner doesn't just show a few isolated examples taken out of context to show off his Dynamic Trading analysis techniques. Miner takes a prolonged period of market activity and clearly shows how to apply the Dynamic Trading analysis and trading strategies through all kinds of market conditions.
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Latest reviews

One of the best book to study if one is considering trading.

Essential book to read if one wants to trade using TA.
I have my book on the shelf close to me and often use the summary of t he waves at the end of the book.
It is a well written book with many charts as examples.
Very good book, but should not be read.

This book is very good, but it should not be read. People has to study it!

However, be advised that a lot of work is required. And more reading and more practice.

The only drawback I see is that the reading does not flow well. I don't know if it is the large amount of charts or if it is the level of detail Miner brings to us.