DTN.IQ is a real-time, streaming quote and news service with data direct from the exchanges.
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Quantower platform has integration with DTN IQFeed. It's reliable data provider with tons of Futures, Stocks, ETFs, Options, Forex data
DTN IQ feed with 3rd party software

I have used DTN IQ for over 12 years. Within its data library, It has real time DTN "market statistical indicators" that i have never found elsewhere.
I do not use any of their software. The DTN IQ feed runs efficiently with ENSIGN software -- which I have reviewed elsewhere.
Good for US Stocks

I am using the IQFeed API with my own software. Over a period of 9 months I have found the feed to have excellent reliablity and have I personally see no outages - that's right zero outages. Comparing to InteractiveBrokers feed (which is fast) I have observed no lag.

The API is easy to code to and can be run on Linux (using Wine) as well as on Windows.

Overall good value for money and trouble free.

PS: Beware reviewers with only a handful of post - they may have their own aganda.
Short term traders will be unhappy.

If you're looking to trade hourly charts, the feed may work fine for you; but if you trade short turns using 1 minute charts, MOVE ON because you're gonna wind up wanting to strangle someone there --- their feed stops for 10 or 15 minutes without warning nearly every day and they don't care and won't do anything about it!!!
DTN.IQ Feed is the premier feed for BID/ASK differential data work!

If you want to track the Cumulative Delta for futures trading then DTN.IQ feed is one of the best. With 4 weeks of historical "lookback" of BID/ASK data and extremely reliable data flow,I have not yet found a better feed. DTN also has very efficient formating of the data for special use and their pricing is very reasonable.
DTN vs QT Plus

Very bland service. Nothing too as aesthetically pleasing as other systems. I prefer QT Plus from QT info. Better charting, more indicators, and more cost effective.
iq feed for forex

excellent feed.very few spikes for spot forex

pretty good feed. ive never really suffered any major probs at all in 5 years of using it (i have a very reliable network connection though, not joe public broadband). keeps up with fast markets just fine.

my only gripe is that it doesnt do continuation data (for charts) on a time frame larger than daily. thus if you want to see a weekly futures chart going back say 5 years in a backmonth eurodollar, or a weekly continuation chart for brent you cant. this is pretty poor. i would have marked them lower for this if i looked at weekly charts more.
IQfeed for CME/CBOT Emini SIFs

Stable, fast and cheap. Every tick provided not snapshots. A lot of free index stats provided such as Tick, Trin, Tiki, 52 wk his and los, advancers/decliners etc. Very occasional temporary data bunching in very fast markets, e.g. after a Fed interest rate decision, but 99% of the time a flawless delivery. No bad data as yet. Superior to Interactive Brokers feed which I used to use. Customer service excellent. Recommended.
Not that Great !!!!!!!!!

The DTNIQ charts are fine for some things, but they leave alot to be desired. If you use different timeframes and setup your charts, once you switch to another chart you loose all your information on the other chart. You have no way to save one chart from the other. The tech support is not that good either, i met one guy that was good the other guy didn't have a clue. The DTNIQ folks don't offer alot on the IQ package and don't want to add anything new , but push the much higher price package at about $245.00 per month excluding exchange fees. This DTNIQ leaves alot to be desired.