Track Data Corporation provides market data, financial information, quote systems and trading platforms that give both professional and individual traders the edge they need to succeed.

Dial-Data provides end-of-day financial market data, financial data bases, historical information, analytical services and data manipulation tools, through a sophisticated private data network to equity/options/futures investors.

Pricing Data

  • Daily and historical prices.
  • Coverage of more than 30 exchanges worldwide, including the American, New York, London and Zurich stock exchanges
  • Pricing data, for equities and related instruments, futures, equity options, futures options, bonds, government issues, indexes and stock dividends traded on the most popular exchanges in the U.S., Canada and Europe
  • New options on the day they begin trading and new commodity futures contracts as soon as they begin trading
  • Advanced procedures, including in-house maintenance of our database, to ensure the integrity and accuracy of all data
Company Profiles & News

  • Summarize fundamental data, investment performance, earnings estimates, and more for 7,000 publicly traded companies.
  • Include such important technical data as one-year and three-year relative beta, relative strength index, and moving averages.
  • Provide earnings estimates and analysts' summaries from a respected institutional reporting service.
Screening Capabilities

  • Identify the investments that meet your statistical criteria before you spend time with your analysis programs
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